WIP report - Unsung Wip #4
Work in progress

sgt_savage informed us about a new wip update for the Unsung Vietnam War Mod version 2.5.

    Quote :
    We are still working hard on finalising this release, finally we are making headway with it. We are nearing beta stage which will be fast tracked thanks to our Beta team that have been progressively testing everything as we move forward. No release date is scheduled since Murphy's law still applies.

    Here are some screenshots of a new island in the works Cao Bang, which was made by Super 6.1.
    This island centres around a Mekong delta theme with lots of water ways with dense foliage along its banks, a VC's paradise.
    It also has open grassy plains and bombed out hill areas reminiscent of some of your favourite Nam flicks.

    While this map is not entirely complete and has a few small issues it is still a worthwhile addition to the unsung mod. We will endeavour to correct these small issues later down the track after the 2.5 release. It does also require MGB Nam but we felt that this is not really an issue since most nam'ers already use a mixture of Unsung and MGB nam anyway.

    This map I have to say really captures the Nam theme. Again a big thanks to Super 6.1 for donating it to the Unsung team.

    Also you might notice the new M151 jeep and a PBR by YAC. What's a good river map without the brown water navy anyway? Hopefully we will have time to also make some sampans too, but will have to wait n see.

You can post your feedback in the Unsung Vietnam War Mod wip thread.

Written on 2012-10-16 10:18 by sgt_savage  

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