WIP Report - M.U.L.E by Pegasus Team 101
Work in progress

JSF 82nd Reaper submitted an update about the M.U.L.E the Pegasus Team 101 is working on.

    Quote JSF 82nd Reaper :
    It's been a while since I've done any work with the MULE due to real life. But I've picked back up on this project and am proud to present to the community some WIP screenshots. I'm still working on overall 3d model improvements, along with correctly texturing and UV mapping the model, and some more config.cpp changes.

    • TOW Launcher Now Works
    • Vast Improvement to the overall 3d Model. (More to come...)
    • Explosive Machine-Gun rounds removed.
    • Config.cpp Drastically changed providing for more realism.

You can find more detailed information and leave your feedback in this thread on the BI forums topic.
Feel free to stop by the pegasusteam101 Website.

Written on 2012-10-22 15:11 by JSF 82nd Reaper  

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