PvPscene Tweaks: Log Kills updated
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PvPscene released an updated version of the Log Kills (Server) PvPscene Tweaks on the BI forums.

    Quote PvPscene :
    Update for PvPscene Tweaks: Log Kills (Server).
    It'd be possible to log the equipment of nearby players but what is the point to do it?
    Dunno if its really helpful to log nearby _player_ units at all - at just 100m.
    At 1000/2000m one might always catch any potential killer (for infantry only).


    • No longer duplicates logging data when killed is killer
    • Mentions if killer/killed is AI
    • Clarifies death without killer (SelfKiller,FallToDeath,Scripting)
    • (Hopefully) Logs correct player names and deathType for dayZ

Written on 2012-10-27 10:42 by kju  

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