Week report #284
Work in progress

Arma 2 - CSMv3 Sound Mod

    Chammy is still working on a modular soundmod and today he posted a new video in which you can hear what he has been working on so far.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    DAP released a few new (wip) menu cutscene and ingame screenshots.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - Boeing/SOAR MH-47E

    konyo released a pre-release trial testing video for the MH47E Chinook in Arma 2.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - vilas' addons

    Vilas posted a screen showing the AK-12 he is working on.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - Schwemlitz, Germany

    Falcon_565 released some more wip screens and shared with the community they found a few config bugs which they are fixing before the first release which should be soon.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - Taser Mod

    Double Doppler is working on a tasrer mod for Arma 2.

      Quote Double Doppler :
      Included in this mod will be working Taser scripts, special effects and high quality models. It will be released to the public when it is finished and would be great for police/role play communities who use Tasers quite often and also insurgency players who want to subdue insurgents for restraining etc.

      Everything was purpose created by myself from scratch (except for a few stock BI materials here and there) as part of a training exercise.

      Current Features:
      • 3D Models, Textures & Configs Created From Scratch
      • Taser X26 (Black & Yellow)
      • Taser X3 (Black & Yellow)
      • Custom Taser-style muzzleflashes
      • Working flashlight on all variants
      • Custom Taser sound effects
      • Emmissive CID unit
      • Purpose built effect scripts (MP Compatible & Life Mission Compatible)
      • Works in SP with AI too
      • Drive stun mode
      • Ability to incapacitate a player/unit for 30 seconds
      • Custom pain effects will be displayed when hit by a taser round
      • Realistic ammo loadouts - X26 mags carry only 1 round, and X3 mags carries 3 rounds
      • Perfect for insurgency military enthusiasts, and "Life Mod" communities
      The tasers and magazines take up the pistol slots so I might create a holster script in a future release that will work specifically on the taser (I can't guarantee that though) which will allow you to carry your pistol AND taser (as we all know how frustrating that is as a cop on life missions...)

      Also I have tried to make this mod compatible with the "life missions", that means the scripts included should not conflict with the life mission restrain system.

    - BI forums

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Arma 2 - RKSL Studios: Harrier GR9A

    RKSL-Rock released a new wip update on the RKSL Studios forums, this time about the Harrier GR9A he is working on.

    - RKSL Studios forums
    - BI forums

Arma 2 - Shirin Tagab, Fayrab Provinz

    Donny released a few new screens and a video showing his new map.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - Dutch Armed Forces

    larsiano revealed what will be changed with the upcoming version of the Dutch Armed Forces.
    • added: F16A/M 322sqn (J-873 & J-251) in CAS and AG loadout (J-251 (VXR's skin)
    • added: Unit Groups for the Editor
    • added: Flags of Dutch Armies (available in editor: objects\flags)
    • added: Map icon Dutch faction (available in editor: markers)
    • added: A320 AERCAP (commercial airliner) > removed the second A320KLMAF
    • added: 5 new backpacks & Statis Weapon Backpacks
    • added: C9 (aimpoint & iron sights)
    • updated: AMB test Units (OA Base unit)
    • updated: C9 Elcan texture and weaponlist entry
    • updated: Ammobox contents
    • updated: F-16 Tiger tail (-=XTRA=-Gooz) & wreckage config problem
    • updated: F-16 (J-873) (VXR) some decals and paint corrections (Arthur Vince)
    • updated: Vehicle tacticalsigns to 1/103 (was 5/403)
    • updated: Tank class problem again (thanks to markb50k)
    • updated: CV-9035 config problems (thanks to markb50k)
    • updated: Cheetah Sound
    • renamed: daf_klm pbo > daf_units, vxr, tiger, diana & demoteam to: daf_f16_paint, m32_variant > daf_weapons

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - German Armed Forces

    GalComT released 3 new videos showing the Signal Flags which can be added to a vehicle, the first concept work for an AT2 scatterable mine and the luchs rear driver which now fully works.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - Isreal Project


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