ArmA 2 Addons Manager/Launcher by BlenderRus

BlenderRus released his ArmA 2 Addons Manager/Launcher on the BI forums.

    Quote BlenderRus :
    About half a year ago I started to create an application to simplify addons update procedure for one ACE PvP ArmA 2 server.
    Before we used Yoma AddonSync so its compatible with Yoma repository servers.
    Since that time I regularry updated it: improved functionality, UI, added new features, launcher, added English language UI support and so on...

    • Addons Updater:
        - Full MD5 file checksum generation with fast file compare option (for next addons check)
        - Compatible with Yoma AddonSync update servers
        - Works with file attributes
        - Check addons and update in two clicks
        - Tushino Serious Games PVP server presets
    • Arma 2 Launcher:
        - External addons support (for example you can use addons from your external HHD/SSD or USB drive)
        - Fully compatible with all ArmA 2 versions (OA/CO/RFT)
        - Steam compatible (also you can run ArmA 2 with stem overlay)
        - Beta patch checker and update with one click (no need to download beta rar, extract and install)
        - Automatically checks and creates ACE userconfig files
    • Automatic updater included
    • Russian and English User Interfaces
    • Windows 8 compatible

Written on 2012-11-11 09:10 by Armaholic  

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