ArmA 1.08 HOTFIX Release Candidate

Maruk has released a Hotfix for Armed assault 1.08 in the BIS forums.

Maruk : It's not fully tested supported official version but last release candidate only! There's also no rollback option and to return back to 1.08 you need to reinstall the application and patches.

Here is the list of changes for this hotfix:
    * FIX (COPYPROTECTION): Securom issue preventing game to launch on some computers
    * FIX (ANIMATIONS): some problems with ladders introduced in 1.08 (stuck on ladders, problem when going from kneel or prone on a ladder), installs animationHotFix.pbo and its signature
    * FIX (LOCALIZATION): mission M13 is localized to all languages
    * FIX (RUSSIAN): several missing translations in russian version, UI.pbo is modified to prevent an error message displayed in Russian version of the game when entering Single mission directory
Download the patch from our download section.

Written on 2007-08-06 14:28 by Bohemia Interactive  

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