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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.3
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds the Boeing/SOAR MH-47E.

Date: 2013-03-01 16:45

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Boeing/SOAR MH-47E


The Release of the MH-47E Chinook is finally here! Im happy with how this has turned out, shes looking good and is finally ready for what ever you all may throw at her Many people have given help to this Chinook and i think you will all agree with me when i say that it has all payed off! So a huge thanks them! & Also to yurapertov, BlackMamb, VXR, Astast & Norrin, soldier2390. Without them this Chinook wouldn't be as great as it is today! Without a doubt! Also thanks to Smiley_Nick for allowing me to use his unreleased model of his RAF_Chin47 addon to transform it into this MH-47E. Last but not least, thanks to everyone on the Bohemia Interactive Forums for the amount of support you have given me & everyone else who was involved. It's been great! So again, thanks to you all!

- Correct Number of Flares/Countermeasures in a Forward Direction.
- Lock Dectection System Complete with Warning Sounds.
- Walkable Fuselarge.
- Option to Level, Lower & Raise Ramp.
- 2 Cargo Positons on the Edge of the Ramp. (Fixed Ramp Version Only)
- New & Improved Flight Engine Sound's.
- Fueselarge Night Lighting.
- Cockpit Night Lighting.
- 20 Different Radio Chatter Sounds.
- Improved Gunner Animations.
- Improved Blade System, bend when under load etc.
- Custom Cargo Positions. (BackCrew & Loadmaster)
- Co-Pilot Camera is fully animated. (Thanks yurapetrov!)
- FLIR & Laser Marker on Co-Pilots Camera.
- Aerial refueling with Feint's Addon (..I Hope).
- Animated Loadmasters Hatch.
- Animated Windscreen Wipers.
- Ability to Sling Load RHIB's, HMWVV's, M119 & Ammo.
- Ability To Load An ATV & CRRC via tryteyker's Script.
- Fast Roping for Cargo Crew Passengers (AI Friendly).
- ACE Compatability.
- SOAR Pilots & Crew.
- Digital Cockpit.
- 2 Example Mission's included in the .zip file.
- Ability to add your own flag/logo in the Cargo Area.
- 2 Wreckage Models.
- Signed Addon for Online Use.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:


Known Bugs:
* The Fast Roping Issue when used with Yura's MH60L hasn't yet been fixed as were still working on it. However i wont hold up this release because of that as its had a few other main bug fix's too which are included. The next updated (v1.4) will include the Fast Roping Fix once completed.

Credits & Thanks:
Originaly made by Afrographx for Operation Flashpoint.
Upgraded to ArmA & ArmA2 by Smiley_Nick & Spanish Mod Team.

* Afrographx
* Smiley_Nick
* UOE.Txalo
* TF86 Ardvark
* TF86 Mac
* SwissMAG
* The rest of the TF86 guys for testing and bug reports.
* Sickboy for Ace support.
* PvPscene Fixing Optikia_heli_tl.paa.
* Pelton from the Spanish FFAA Mod for Flight model and O2 work.
* Eddie(Wld427) for Gunner positions / Extensiive model improvments.
* Deanobeano for config help, bug fixing and error report cleanup.
* Topas for updated Textures. (Higher quality)
* konyo for config help with Arma2.
* Marrius for Sound mixing.

* Sv5000 for helping with adding FLIR to Camera.
* Norrin for the original scripts & updated scripts. (Greatly Appreciated!)
* RKSL-Rock for help with FLIR Camera.
* Deadfast for the Windscreen Wipers Scripts.
* BlackMamb for the Radio Chatter Scripts. (Many thanks buddy!)
* astast for the Burnt Engine fire texture in the Light Wreck & the release video.
* Myke for help fixing the Useractions Menu.
* Ei8ght for Pre-Release ACE Testing.
* Sup3r6F0ur for the Example Mission.
* Sakura_Chan for the Gunner Animations.
* w0lle for help changing to Get in co-pilot from Get in Gunner.
* VXR for his amazing help at detailing and weathering the textures! Many Many Thanks! (No where near as good as it is without you! Thanks!)
* yurapetrov for his amazing help with many different things! Many Many Thanks! (Again, not possible without you, Cheers!)
* Soul Assisin for animation and config tips.

* & To anyone else who was missed in the credits.. If missed then I'm Sorry, please PM me and you will be added.

- Fixed: Altitude Reading '0', Therefor Should Be AI Friendly.
- Fixed: ACE Slingloading Should Work Correctly.
- Added: New Improved Texture, Matches BIS AH-6.
- Added: Ability To Load An ATV & CRRC via tryteyker's Script.
- Added: Easter Eggs..
- Improved: Model Detail Changes.
- Improved: HitPoints LOD.
- Changed: Missile Warning Sound.
- Changed: Detailed Readme.

- Fixed: Digital Cockpit Textures, Compass Directions Now Face Correct Way.
- Added: 'Hardcore' Version. Disembark From Inside The MH-47E.

- Fixed: Multiple "Extend Cargo Ropes" Option.
- Fixed: Flight Instruments Panel, Dials Now Turn Correct Way.
- Fixed: Lower Ramp option Now Visable When Ramp Is Leveled.
- Fixed: Crew Being Injured/Killed When Disembarking.
- Added: ACE Compatability.
- Added: SOAR Pilots & Crew.
- Added: Digital Cockpit.
- Added: Ability To Sling Ammo.
- Added: Ability To Add Your Own Flag Texture In The Cargo Area (See Readme).
- Added: 'Short Range Operations' MH-47E (Without Fuel Probe, As Seen In MoHWF).
- Changed: Vehicle Class Name, Now "160th SOAR - Air".

- Fixed: Custom Cargo Postitions Didn't Face Correct Way.
- Fixed: Loadmaster View Was Glitched.
- Fixed: Wreck Model Was Upside Down When Crashed.
- Fixed: Fast Roping Scripts Corrected.
- Fixed: Couldnt De-attached A Slinged RHIB Into The Water & Cargo De-attach's when too low.
- Added: Crew on Ramp's Edge. (Fixed Ramp Version Only)
- Improved: Too Strong Damage, Lowered by 10.
- Improved: Lowered Sound of Radio Chatter.
- Removed: Removed Front Search Light, So Now Only Collision Lights Show.

vBeta Changelog
- Beta trial with Smiley_Nick, Ei8ght, Astast, BlackMamb & Xtrobot2000.
- Bugs Noted & Corrected in Version 1.0.

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- BI forums

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