Boeing/SOAR MH-47E version 1.3 released
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Konyo submitted an updated version of the Boeing/SOAR MH-47E.
The MH-47E was originaly made by Afrographx for Operation Flashpoint and upgraded to ArmA & Arma 2 by Smiley_Nick and the Spanish Mod Team.

    Quote Konyo :
    The Release of the MH-47E Chinook is finally here! Im happy with how this has turned out, shes looking good and is finally ready for what ever you all may throw at her Many people have given help to this Chinook and i think you will all agree with me when i say that it has all payed off! So a huge thanks them! Also to yurapertov, BlackMamb, VXR, Astast and Norrin, soldier2390. Without them this Chinook wouldn't be as great as it is today! Without a doubt! Also thanks to Smiley_Nick for allowing me to use his unreleased model of his RAF_Chin47 addon to transform it into this MH-47E. Last but not least, thanks to everyone on the Bohemia Interactive Forums for the amount of support you have given me & everyone else who was involved. It's been great! So again, thanks to you all!

    Thats all to be said, now have fun & enjoy!

    • Fixed: Altitude Reading '0', Therefor Should Be AI Friendly.
    • Fixed: ACE Slingloading Should Work Correctly.
    • Added: New Improved Texture, Matches BIS AH-6.
    • Added: Ability To Load An ATV & CRRC via tryteyker's Script.
    • Added: Easter Eggs..
    • Improved: Model Detail Changes.
    • Improved: HitPoints LOD.
    • Changed: Missile Warning Sound.
    • Changed: Detailed Readme.

Written on 2013-03-01 17:23 by konyo  

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