WIP report - Unsung Wip #5
Work in progress

Sgt_savage informed us about a new wip update for the Unsung Vietnam War Mod version 2.5.

    Quote Sgt_savage :
    The battle continues! It is time again for another WIP report.
    Yac has been busy recreating the PBR Mark II patrol boat complete with crew.
    Also he has been working on a m551 Sheridan adding it to our armour corps.

    Yac can't do it all himself so help is still needed. We are looking for modellers & texture artists to make a few tanks and artillery emplacements, so if you know your way around O2 and want to join one of the oldest mod groups of the ofp and Arma series please PM me.

You can post your feedback in the Unsung Vietnam War Mod wip thread.

Written on 2012-11-28 09:45 by sgt_savage  

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