Author: starsky396
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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.54

Date: 2012-12-19 08:12

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Undead Chernarus


You awake at the sight of a crashed helicopter engulfed in flames near Pusta. Only to find that the world is infected with an infection that brings the dead back to life.

Dimitri, an early retired CDF soldier, returned to Chernarus to visit his Uncle the last remaining of his family although unknown to Dimitri he has now walked into a biological disaster zone. Insurgents have just recently obtained an untested form of biological nerve gas designed to destabilize a population in Takistan so the US could maintain control if the war went badly however this gas was stolen and has bubbled up in the black market now bought by the Insurgents with one purpose in mind revenge. They wanted revenge for their fallen brothers in arms and to satisfy their wild anger.
The bomb was detonated in a small village at the time of night and without sound the dark yellow gas rolled through the village slowly infecting all inhabitants in its path. The next morning began at the sound of violent screams and small arms gun fire. Within moments a normal day in the village had tipped into chaos which would spread throughout Chernarus within days.

Dimitri had woken up amongst the crackling flames from the chopper. He felt dazed, his stomach turned and he felt almost ready to die. But he pushed such thoughts to the back of his mind and focused. Find my Uncle, Get Supplies, Get to the safe zone. With these objectives set in his mind he decided to get moving. The burning chopper would be a beacon to the lurking infected nearby. Dimitri quickly searched the dead USMC chopper crew. He pulled a slightly burned map out of the soldier’s pockets, a radio, and a Glock 17 with 5 magazines. He put the items in his pockets and gripped the
pistol with both hands. Dimitri put a clip into the pistol and pulled back the slider then he checked for the round in the chamber satisfied he switched the safety off. Now I am ready to move he thought. In the wreck of the chopper came a groaning sound. Dimitri readied his Glock and switched the flashlight on. A mix of fear and adrenaline flushed through his body making his hands shake awkwardly which made the beam of the flashlight jerk around.
A series of coughing sounds came from under the rubble “shit” “Anyone out there! Please get this crap of me!”
“Hold on I’m coming!” Dimitri put the Glock on the ground and lifted up a large piece of the choppers rotor blade. From there a man crawled out he coughed again before falling on his back Dimitri picked up his Glock and turned to walk down the path.
“Thanks man” “When the pilot turned I thought we were done for”
“We have to go. The infected will be here soon” Dimitri said with urgency.
“Yeah your right name’s Aleksey by the way” Aleksey stood up and held out his hand however Dimitri walked passed and ignored him.
“My name’s Dimitri now cut the chat we need to move” Aleksey felt a little annoyed however with little choice he followed on knowing that Dimitri was right the Infected would find them if they stayed too long.

  • Dynamic Weather
  • Dynamic House effects
  • Loot spawns on ground
  • Refueling
  • Custom Construction options
  • No addons needed
  • Dynamic unit loadouts
  • Dynamic Ammoboxes
  • Low-end PC friendly

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    If you think you could write a story for this please do email me it and I might include it in the mission.

    Credits & Thanks:
    Celery for his amazing zombie scripts, Bistudio and Armaholic for teaching me how to script and make missions, edgardeth, Cypher, Mike-USA, and Sup3r6f0ur for their wonderful F.O.B’s
    APOtheo for beta testing the mission and creating the story.
    Thanks to theDog for his ARP mod

  • You can now play as a co-op team (Mission Included)
  • Removed eating as it was too buggy
  • Removed drinking as it was too buggy
  • Removed New sleeping feature as it was too buggy
  • Removed the ability to make a fire as it was too buggy
  • You now start at a random time!It could be 12 o'clock one time or 4 o'clock the other time!
  • Removed the theDogs arp mod requirement

  • v0.53
  • Switched the magazines you start with from M9 mags to Glock 17 mags
  • Increased the number of random hordes you may encounter
  • Cleaned up some .rpt errors
  • Zombies don't do as much damage

  • v0.52
  • You now start out will a Glock 17 like in the first release
  • Items now spawn faster
  • less chance of cars being locked
  • Removed JSRS requirement
  • Intro text now is faster
  • Removed the conversations you could have with your partner
  • More random camps
  • You now have to sleep, eat, and drink to survive
  • New sleeping function (Still WIP)
  • Units at pusta no longer spawn with lots of weapons
  • All units at the crashsite do not spawn with items and NVG's
  • Added theDog’s ARP mod (Included, I got his permission to do so)

  • v0.51
  • Removed ACR requirement

  • v0.50
  • Added DyNO camps
  • Added Different Spawn points
  • More Low-End pc friendly
  • added a story created by APOtheo
  • added a couple more camps
  • fixed loot not spawning in cherno
  • fixed loot not spawning at elektro
  • Improved construction interface
  • made the construction interface load faster
  • Improved the houseEffects function
  • added the Module Improvement Project module (read MIP section)
  • Bandages are easier to find
  • Zombies now drop bandages
  • Loot is harder to find
  • Added new music thanks to Celery's Chernarus apocalypse mission
  • You now spawn with no map, compass, and watch. Now it much more harder!

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