Schwemlitz version 1.04 released
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WA Lancer released an updated version of the Schwemlitz map on the BI forums.
Schwemlitz is a 5x5km terrain centered around the town of Schwemlitz located 20km from the former inner german boarder. made by Falcon and Lancer.

    Quote :
    Encompassing rolling wheat and asparagus fields, thick forests and small farming towns the terrain provides a suitable battlespace for modern and cold war era missions. The terrain and the encompassed towns are designed to be as realistic as possible.
    The layout of the towns and the buildings are taken from real world data and modeled the best of our ability in the ARMA2 engine.
    The terrain eschews the ARMA2 clutter system in favor of clutter objects to allow rendering of grasses and crops from orders of magnitude further distances. In addition forest microterrain has been slightly exaggerated to provide a realistic level of cover in forested environments and maximize gameplay potential. While the terrain was designed with infantry centric gameplay it will also serve both armor and mechanized missions in the sweeping fields in the north of the map.

    • Filesize reduced by 30 Mb.
    • Texture layer size changed to 40.0x40.0

Written on 2013-07-30 08:13 by WA Lancer  

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