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Short description: A tutorial explaining how to use dialogs in your mission, with an example.

Date: 2013-01-18 07:48

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Dialog Tutorial For Noobs


I've taken a while to create a dialog tutorial for those who don't know how or where to start making dialogs. It isn't intended for advanced users, or dialog wizards. If any dialog guru, or anyone else for that matter, that has experience with dialogs would like to contribute, please feel free to contact me for the word document, to edit or modify any way that's reasonable and / or appropriate to the guides style & intentions. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. Just refrain from the nit picking unless you intend to do something about it. IE; Editing the tutorial to make it what you think is appropriate. In any case, I hope some will find it useful. Please post any constructive or otherwise positive feed back here. Thanks.

Do not use my example mission to copy code, but rather from the resource spoilers found in this post.
Download the archive which contains the PDF and the example mission. Also download the the GUI Editor Addon + Preview Mission. Open the tutorial pdf and go from there.

It's really good to go through the process with the GUI editor. You can really gain a better understanding of how to put together a dialog, after the fact. You'll be able to create a dialog without the gui editor very easily

Credits & Thanks:
Karel Moricky - GUI Editor
Das Attourney - sharing things about dialogs in general.
Mikie Boy - Showing how external hpps work

Updated PDF, warning users not to use my example mission to copy code, but rather from the resource spoilers found here in the original post.

- fixed a few small typos
- reworded a couple of instructions
- Fixed font type of a small portion of the document

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- BI Forums

- GUI Editor

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