Author: KilrBe3
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Requirements: Arma 2 , ACR
Island(s): Mountains, Shapur, Takistan, Woodland
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.2

Date: 2013-02-03 07:29

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Be3's ACR Co-Op Mission Pack


Multiple missions using BIS latest DLC, ACR. These can also be played in SinglePlayer, best played in Co-Op as designed though.

  • Fully Dynamic Mission's
  • Fully Dynamic Weather (in some missions)
  • TPWC AI Suppression Script
  • TPW AI LOS Script
  • UPSMON Patrol Script for Dynamic Missions, 100% replay value
  • Simple Vehicle Respawn
  • Custom Plane Loadout (ACR-Flyboy)
  • Intro Cutscene
  • Custom Music (That is 100% legal to share)
  • Effects/First Aid Modules
  • All 100% ACR Content
  • 5 Missions to start (more planned for future updates)

  • Mission Content:
  • ACR Flyboy - co05: Take the role of a ACR AF Pilot and take on various objectives and destroy the enemy. Various objectives, with various hardness. Enjoy the early morning blue sky as you take flight in Flyboy!

  • ACR Villages - co12: Take two squads out on patrols in the Bystrica area as you take on various objectives throughout the area. As local enemy Insurgents are threating the way of life in near by towns, have AA that have taken down UN choppers, and HVT in the area. Mutiple objectives, and mutiple ways to do them!

  • ACR DrugSmuggler - co05: A Russian General has gone rogue with a European business man and are attempting to smuggle weapons and drugs out of the area. American CIA has asked the CZ SF team to sneak in and take him and his small miltia out. You will be paradrop'd in by a CIA C-130, than from there on, on your own!

  • ACR OilRescue - co05: Recent events have casued a small terrorist group in the Shapur area to take a friendly hostage. He is a national in another country and they want him back. Your small team is tasked to go in during morning hours, take out any enemy forces, and get the hostage safely out of harms way.

  • ACR Rescue The Car - co05: Our General (CZ) has had his brand new car stolen!! He is pissed! He wants it back ASAP or you all are gonna be frying burgers and fries. Go get his fancy new car back before his anger gets even worse and you all are stuck with desk jobs!

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

    Recommended Addons:
    - J.S.R.S. Soundmod Update 3 v1.5
    - J.S.R.S. Soundmod - Army of the Czech Republic DLC Sounds v1.5
    - ASR AI Addons

  • DrugSmuggler:
      = Fixed trigger so drugs blow up now.
      = Parachutes should be protected now just in case.
      = Squad Leader now in cargo with rest of his squad
  • OilRescue:
      = Added Little Bird for light CAS by request
      = Small trigger fixes.
  • GeneralsCar:
      = Sometimes car would spawn in a house. Fixed.
      = Added patrol.
      = Small marker fix.

  • Credits & thanks:
    - Chipper
    - TPW
    - USPMON
    - Sinky
    - Iceman77
    - tryteyker
    - Kylania
    - Jsp
    - ArmAholic Community & BIS Forum Community
    - General Thank You to smaller based Script makers I may have forgotten.

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Arma 2
    - ACR

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