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Requirements: Community Base Addons, Arma 2

Version: 1.13
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: ScopeFX is a clientside mod to provide extra dynamic effects when using scopes.

Date: 2013-02-14 20:13

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ScopeFX - Dynamic scopes - including TrackIR support

Das Attorney

ScopeFX is a clientside mod to provide extra dynamic effects when using scopes. There is a new UI display for zeroing scopes and changing firemodes. Also included is a hotkey command to perform a quick magazine check.

TrackIR users also have visual dynamic feedback on where their head is pointed while they are zoomed into a scope.

It is intended as a successor to the basic TrackIR Scope mod I released, which was a test-bed for this.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:


The userconfig file included with the download can be edited.
Modded weapons are sorted into arrays based on the shape/size of scope.
You can move weapons into different arrays or remove them if you wish.
You can add modded weapons to the arrays as well.

Currently, there is in-built support for ACE, UKF, Lennard L119, R3F, FHQ Remington, Robert Hammer, CWR2, BIS ACR and FFAA weapon packs. Mod is also compatible with TGW Zeroing.

The userconfig is currently set up for vanilla.
If you are using ACE, you will need to move some of the weapons in the userconfig to another scope size for better compatibility.
The guns that need to be (re)moved are commented.

The hotkey for checking magazines can also be assigned in the userconfig (set to P by default). Here is the value you will need to change:
class horde_tir_sys_core
    class horde_tir_check_magazine      // This changes the key used to check magazine
        key = 25;  // << P
        shift = 0;
        ctrl = 0;
        alt = 0;

    class horde_tir_reset_cqb_sights    // Debug command (only need to use in the rare event of
                                        // teamswitching into someone who is in a different opticsMode)
        key = 25;  // << P
        shift = 1; // press Shift
        ctrl = 1; // press Ctrl
        alt = 0;

Tested in dedicated and hosted environment. Please report any issues if they arise.
Keys included in download. No need to install on dedicated server, only need to add key.

Known issues:
- You need to have Interface Size set to "Normal". The UI might move if not. Should be okay with custom aspect ratios though.
- If you press the opticsMode button when the weapon you have does not have a secondary sight, you will switch off the overlay.
Just press the opticsMode button again to bring the overlay back.
- One of the ACE G36's (can't remember the one) has issues if you open the grenade sight. Just fold the sight away if any problems occur.

Please report any issues here. If you have any issues with your screen size, please let me know what resolution size/monitor size/interface size you have and I'll check into it for you.

Credits & Thanks:
CBA/ACE team for their help.
Lord Jarhead for sounds.

- New: ACR DLC now supported. (ACE users need to delete "CZ805_A1_ACR" and "CZ805_A1_GL_ACR" from userconfig).
- Removed: horde_tir_mousespeed_max_threshold variable removed - will be replaced after code rework.
- Changed: Default value for horde_tir_opticslag_rate changed to 0.125 for smoother parallax effect.
- Fixed: Optics blocking out ACE MOA/MILDOT readouts.
- Fixed: Some of the UI text would not scale correctly.
- New: Weapon mode selector now works with ACE.
- Fixed: Overlays not centering when breath held.
- New: Added new scope size for M16s and SA58.
- Fixed: Optics blocking out ACE wind indicator.
- New: CWR2 Rearmed mod now supported.
- Changed: Userconfig updated.

- Changed: More changes to code for efficiency.
- Changed: Zeroing scripts updated so will work with non-standard zeroing.
- Changed: Userconfig updated (version number is 3 now).
- Changed: Recoil for single shots made snappier.
- Fixed: Firemode UI, Magazine UI and Zeroing UI now positioned with SafeZones to fit all screen resolutions.
- Fixed: Variable corrupted in setScope script (led to zero divisor error).

- Fixed script error introduced in last version.

- Fixed: On larger resolutions, ammo counter will show up at edge of screen.
- Fixed: Fire mode selector shows up when gunner in vehicles.
- Changed: Scope resources now preloaded.
- Changed: Zeroing UI now displays for 3 seconds before disappearing.
- Changed: Made some adjustments to internal scripts - should be slightly more efficient for user.

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- BI forums

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- Arma 2

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