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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: z3

Date: 2013-02-21 06:25

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Zargabad Domination


It would be nice to play Domination somewhere that wasn't Takistan. I've been there so often I think the locals are starting to recognise me...

Of course there are other islands out there, but there's sometimes a reluctance to use resources which aren't easily accessible. So how about porting Domination to Zargabad? Everyone has that.

There only seems to be one version out there already, and it's a fairly small scale affair. I want something which can be used in place of Takistan, with all those main targets and side missions. But surely having all that stuff crammed into such a small area would be complete chaos...

...sounds like fun :)

This port of Domination is a bit different, with less sitting around and more getting shot at.

Most people running Domination have customised the mission to fit their needs. So with that in mind, Zargabad Domination is a straight port of the original Takistan version. All the units, vehicles and buildings are the same, and there's no additional custom code. So converting your own version of Takistan Domination should hopefully be a fairly straightforward process.

Suggestion: try to resist the temptation to fill the base with respawning tanks, it significantly reduces the challenge of the mission.

The Zargabad port has been done for four versions of Domination: 2.60zc which is still quite widely used, 2.60zc ACE, 2.71 if you want something more up-to-date and 2.71 ACE.

co30_Domination_2_60zc_West_OA.Takistan -> co40_Domination_2_60zc_West_z3.Zargabad
co40_Domination_2_71_West_OA.Takistan -> co40_Domination_2_71_West_z3.Zargabad

  • All 21 main targets have been implemented. There aren't 21 towns in the Zargabad map, so a bit of creativity had to be employed here.

  • The main targets are set to occur in a predefined order rather than randomly. Although this leads to less variation, controlling the flow of the mission helps make it work in the limited space (by reducing the chance of units from the next main target spawning on top of people).

  • All 45 side missions have been implemented and had their descriptions rewritten (this took... a while :)
  • The main base has been liberally sprinkled with fortifications, etc. to make things a bit more interesting.

  • The 2.60zc version has had its number of players increased from 30 to 40. The unit configuration was copied from the 2.71 version.

  • Some of the default Domination settings have been modified to what seems sensible (for example, no para jumps, since it isn't really needed on a map this size).

  • The default time of day has been set to tie in with the mission briefing (see below).

  • The base marker is quite tightly fitted, this is an intentional effort to try and reduce kicks for shooting in base (at the start of the mission there's a strong temptation to hide in the base and shoot from there). The default number of shots to get kicked is also set quite high for the same reason. These measures may possibly be abused on a public server though and might need to be revisited.

  • There are a couple of lines added to init.sqf to mute the colour palette (noted here in case you want to remove them).

  • A general sweep for the spelling errors has been done (no more "carefull" or "canceled" :)

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.


      It is imperative we secure Zargabad and the surrounding area if the on-going war effort
      is going to succeed.

      24th of May
      Our scouts have reported that the Takistani army is having issues with troop deployment
      in the region. This has temporarily left the airfield at Zargabad susceptible to attack
      from the west.

      25th of May - 0200
      A small expeditionary force will insert west of the airfield, neutralise any remaining
      defence forces, and attempt to secure it before first light.

      25th of May - 0400
      A new day is dawning. The Takistani army is waking up our presence in the region.
      Expect fierce resistance.

    The mission starts fast and doesn't stop, and is meant to sometimes be tough going :)

    Depending on the weather, it can be quite dark at the start of the mission, make use of it.

    There's a small amount of left over Takistani hardware to help at the start, but it won't respawn, so use it wisely.

    Defending the base is an important part of the mission, there is the constant threat of it being overrun. If you ignore it, there might not be much of a base to come back to.

  • Added: port to 2.60zc ACE version (for completeness)
  • Added: extra setting for MHQDisableNearMT (300m) which is now set as default (was previously 0m)
  • Fixed: positioning of AI hut and spawn which had not been placed properly
  • Fixed: removed a couple of markers in Nango which shouldn't have been there
  • Fixed: corrected some minor typos
  • Fixed: tweaked the positioning of a few objects
  • Fixed: some more spelling errors from the original have been cleaned up
  • Changed: default view distances set to original values
  • Changed: wrecks now stay for longer and more can be fixed at once by default
  • Changed: default frequency of AI artillery attacks reduced

  • z2
  • Added: port to 2.71 ACE version
  • Fixed: "Zargabad" added to the mission name (less confusing now)
  • Fixed: the searchlights in the anti-air and radar positions are now shut down as the mission starts
  • Fixed: some main base buildings now don't take damage to prevent objects being left in mid-air (!)
  • Fixed: Bravo leader could call for a drop in 2.60zc but not 2.71, he can now do so in both
  • Fixed: some objects moved slightly further away from the taxiway to make more room for large planes
  • Fixed: small adjustments to some marker positions
  • Fixed: tidied up some sloppy scripting in the mission

  • z1
  • Initial release

  • Notes:
    A few people have reported slow down issues on the mission, which may be due to the higher concentration
    of enemy units. Default view distances have been returned to the values from the original version in an
    effort to alleviate this problem.

    Credits & Thanks:
    Xeno, for everything that is Domination.

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    - BI forums

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