WIP report - Unsung Wip #6
Work in progress

Sgt_savage informed us about a new wip update for the Unsung Vietnam War Mod version 2.5.

    Quote :
    Well, whats been happening? Yac has started work on a new M48 which will be released in two versions, Army and USMC, with possibly a M67 Zippo version too.
    Our new member Spock has been busy with our birds giving them a updated textures with new rotor blurs and reflective glass. He has also included a Navy Seawolf UH1 gunship that was used to support the PBR crews on the rivers.
    We also want to give a big thanks to Brainbug who has very generously done a re texture the BIS Mi8's to NVA colours.

    There is also a video of the seawolf in action, it is still WIP and still has some bugs to be sorted out.

    We are still seeking help from texture artists and modellers to make a few civilian sampans for the PBR crews to check for contraband.
    Also looking for an experienced map maker to fix some issues on our new Cao Bang map. So if you want to help out please sent me a PM.

You can post your feedback in the Unsung Vietnam War Mod wip thread.

Written on 2013-02-05 10:46 by sgt_savage  

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