SP mission : Steal the car - SiC Edition by SiC-Disaster

SiC-Disaster released this custom version of the Steal the car mission from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis in the BI forums.

    Quote SiC-Disaster :
    Last night I felt like making a quick mission and since I always liked 'Steal the car' from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis I decided I'd do a loose remake of it.
    You don't need any mods to play, it's good old USMC versus NAPA in Solnichiy. The car is randomly placed, however the player isn't. So that is kind of the reverse of the original mission, where the UAZ was always in the same spot and the player started in one of three locations.

Written on 2013-02-13 07:29 by Armaholic  

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