WIP report - WW1 Mod
Work in progress

Eaglke from the "over the top team" who are working on the WW1 mod sent us a new update.

    Quote eaglke :
    Here some WIP info of our WW1 mod team!
    First, some pics about our ww1 map with trench section, barracks, mg position, units.
    Some details:
    - Units are made by Prelacht from the mod Cz38-45 team. (mg gunner and crew hat is modified by our team)
    - The k98k is the GMS addon, non modified

    Also a work in progress of an upcoming felkanone 96, with its 77mm barel.
    Additionally a wip of a cadillac 1903, for the civilian side of our mod.
    And last but surely not least, pics about the 75 mm French gun and its supply ammo.

You can post your feedback and find more information in the WW1 Mod wip thread.

Written on 2013-02-18 17:37 by eaglke  

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