Murcielago releases an updated version of his Team Killer Lock system script
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[MIC] Murcielago has submitted an updated version of his Team Killer Lock system script to help dealing with teamkillers.

    Quote [MIC] Murcielago :
    The TKL system is a tiny solution that fix a big problem... team killers or people destroying vital gaming elements. TKL system is easy to use and in addition is an autonomous system, so it does not need a admin or votes.

    TKL system punishes team killers by freezing their avatar (10sec, 90sec, 5min...) letting they know that they did something wrong but when they reach the maximum number of friendly kills their games will be locked automatically until the server restart.

    Every 5min the list with all the game ID from team killers will be copied so everyone can has access to this information. This games ID can be introduced into the TKL system to ban automatically those users.

    This new version includes 3 new features:
    • Ability to forgive team killer:
        Now when you are killed by a team mate you will be capable to forgive him... or not! The TKL system will punish team killer by default so you do not need to spend your time but if you one you can forgive him.
    • Hit and run detector:
        Now the TKL will detect hit and run actions. Like the rest of the TKL system it works without creating extra communication or adding issues (The punishment will applied only on the driver not the owner of the vehicle)
    • Reduction of team kill count with the time:
        This new version allows to decrease the team killer count with the time. The time to remove one team kill from the team kill count can be easily changed (By default is 10min)
    • In addition some other improvements have been introduced.

Written on 2013-02-28 08:07 by murcielago  

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