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Requirements: Arma 2
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2013-02-25 18:20

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Capture the Airfield


After a long time I decided to create a new large scale TVT mission and depending of the amount of players it should result in some interesting and challenging gameplay for both sides. I designed it to be played realistically, It is not like a Domination TVT where you can run&gun through the mission. Even though all players will respawn, the available resources and equipment will not!

The mission:
Both teams control an airport on the Takistan map and both teams will start with an equal amount of available resources. Both sides have an equal amount of ammo boxes, armored vehicles, aircrafts, support capabilities and general transport vehicles. Also both sides have a similar fortified airfield that they have to protect and defend against the other team. None of the available resources will respawn! If the other team takes out your ammo supplies or your support capabilities you will have a hard time to win the mission. So strategy is everything in the mission and it will determine the outcome. Also both airfields have an active No-Fly Zone in place. If any aircraft of the opposite side enters the No-Fly Zone the aircraft will be destroyed (you will recieve a warning first).

  • Fortified airfields
  • Units with extra abilities
  • Equal resources and firepower
  • Custom sounds/music
  • Video win outro for both sides
  • Respawn base (2 minutes delay)
  • Side mission(s)
  • Environment effects
  • More will be added

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder for multiplayer/coop.

    The Units:
    Both sides have a group of specialized units (besides the other units), make good use of them.
    There are 4 'static defence specialists' that can spawn several different static weapons (one at a time). There is a 'fortification specialist' that can rebuild destroyed fortifications or further fortify the airfield, but can also setup strongpoints and forward bases behind enemy lines. And there is an 'ammo specialist' that is able to re-supply players at the frontline and as a last resort spawn ammo crates on the base if your ammo depot is wiped out by the other team. This specialist also can only spawn one ammo box at a time (intentionally).

    To balance both sides I have upgraded the Takistan Army side with some Russian vehicles. The Takistan team start with 2 T90 tanks and 2 Russian versions of the SU34 (instead of the crappy Takistan versions).

    This mission is preferably played with a lot of players as it is hard to defend and attack with just a few players in the mission, the more players the better it gets and more variations of tactics you can use.

    My suggestion would be to control the sky as soon as possible and take out the jets of the other team. If you do that you can fly the transport choppers relatively safe and get your team to the frontline quickly. You also have to determine how many armor you send to the frontline and how many you want to keep at the base to defend your airfield, and same goes for infantry. It's a fine line between to much offence or defence. If you play it safe you keep a lot of players on the base and just send out a sabotage team that will try to destroy the ammo depot and support vehicles etc. But it is all up to you how you play it of course. Again, it should result in some interesting gameplay!

    High Command:
    As an extra I have added a High Command officer at both sides that can
    give waypoint orders (and additional orders) to all teams of the same side, (might be handy for big clans and training purpose).

    Side missions:
    At the moment there is one side mission available for both teams, but more will be added. Yuo currently can recieve an extra aircraft if you complete the side mission.

    Win condition:
    Either side has to destroy the oppontents HQ and capture the defined (marked) area on the airfield. The area needs to be captured first before the HQ can be destroyed. If you destroy the HQ while the marked area is not captured/seized your team can not win.

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