WIP Report - Ramadi Iraq
Work in progress

Quincy released a new wip update about his new Ramadi Iraq map on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Quincy :
    I have began to create my second favorite iraq city called Ramadi which shares simular features with fallujah such as many ruins, mosque, and appartments and neighborhoods. Ramadi will consist of mostly regular damaged Operation arrowhead buildings, a few rellevant mgb buildings, and a few pmc buildings all of which are modern mods all to avoid use of caa1 and old arma textures.

    The city will portay a close image of the real city with some sections of the city left out or altered to avoid making the real soldiers who faught there uncomfortable for exmaple they might stumble upon a street in the game that they have been to during their tour. The goal of this city is to allow arma 2 players to experience server house to house urban combat in iraq while fighting on narrow streets, alley ways and surrounded by buildings.
    Allmost all buildings will be enterable and reconizable by AI. All steets and alley ways will be ai frendly, this entire city is built for AI since I never play online. There will be mosque, markets, shops, appartments, neighborhoods, forwoard operating bases, checkpoints, bridges to cross the river and even bridges in the city that the AI can use and an airfield.

    This map will not contain undergrowth or or vegetation except for a few trees I place my self because vegetation is one of the biggest causes of decresed framerates in arma 2 so I want as many users as possible to play my city smootly.
    All roads and animations are workin properlly.
    I hope to finsh this city in a few weeks but I am still in phase one of 3. Please share your ideas and expectations with me while the city is still being made

    I re-added some of the mgb african buildings as i realized they do not cause a decrease in framerates. The problem is my hard drive cache/buffer size was 8mb. I tried running the map on another hard drive with 16mb cache/buffer size and noticed a major increase in smoothness but it still wont be enough once the city is finshed do to the amout of high resolution textures being loaded from all the objects.

You can find more detailed information and leave your feedback in the Ramadi Iraq WIP topic.

Written on 2013-02-25 22:23 by quincy  

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