Author: Haines[31stMEU]
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Version: 1.1

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Date: 2007-10-02 21:01

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31st MEU Desert / Woodland Marpats

This addon contains units in desert and woodland marpat as well as their replacement packs so you can replace the stock Army ACUs.

1) Put both skin .pbo files (big ones) in your permanent addon folder
2) Put the woodland replacement pack in a woodland marpat modfolder and load it into your arma launcher.
3) Do the same thing for the desert replacement .pbo file.
4) Now you can switch between the replacements when you load the game. You can even do stuff like put in all your desert vehicle and weapon replacement packs into your desert modfolder so you can switch the entire look and feel of the game between desert and woodland. As I said... sweetness.

If you don't know how to setup and maintain your mod folders we recommend you to read our FAQ

Included files:
Woodland Marpats.pbo

- Minor texture changes
- Fixed the Sniper's dumb camelbak
- Added back in an Officer for both sets of marpats

- Hopefully the last. I hate doing multiple revisions, and I've had this project staring me in the face for months

Johnny (Johnny's Marines) - Not for help, but for releasing his Marpats to give us at the 31st MEU our fix until we got these done.
Headcrusha (And CSL) - Replacement Template
Hepcat and his marpats - Same reason as johnny, also I used his marpats to rip apart and learn how to make skins. Thanks alot to him.
Armaholic - Because they are the most badass mod site. Always updating quickly, and quick to fix any broken links.

You can release these in any mission pack, addon pack, or whatever you want, I only ask that you both give the 31stMEU credit and put the website along with the credit.

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