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Requirements: Arma 2: Private Military Company

Version: 1.0a

Short description: A small script that allows you to lower and raise the turret gun on the SUV, then have a choice of seats as you place your self back into the SUV.

Date: 2013-03-02 21:49

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PMC Armoured SUC : Animated Gun Turret


This script will allow you to raise and lower the gun in the back of the armoured SUV. It also allows you to choose what seat you want to be placed back into, within the SUV. There is a lock to stop players trying to use the gun without the hatch open. You will be automatically be placed back into the SUV on the back left seat if you try this.

To make the gun slower, add a sleep 0.5; or whatever you choose between the gun and hatch animations in each of the cun, closeL, closeP and closeR scripts.


- Arma 2: Private Military Company (full or Lite)

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Tags: Pmc,   Suv,   Turret