Mission pack : Tangodown ArmA 3 Alpha launch mission pack by Sacha Ligthert

Here they are! The first community made missions for the Arma 3 Alpha so you can jump in the action with your buddies (or alone) right away in some custom scenarios.
This first mission pack contains co-op missions, a singleplayer mission and also some Deathmatch missions.

Sacha Ligthert [TDNL] was so kind to sent us the ArmA 3 Alpha launch mission pack for the community to enjoy after the official Arma 3 Alpha release.

    Quote Sacha :
    These are just a few missions I could make in the little time that was granted in preparation for the 5th of March launch-event organized by Jerry Hopper at

    This pack features the following multiplayer missions:
    • Steal the Car (SP)
        A BIS classic where one must steal a car from the OPFOR.
    • Destroy that Car (co-04)
        Swim on land, sneak in to destroy a vehicle, sneak out. Can't be hard, right?
    • Destroy that Chopper (co-12)
        A 12 man operation to destroy a chopper down for refueling and repairs. Uses UPSMON.
    • No Friends, Only Foes (dm20)
        20 player deathmatch with the choppers current available in the Alpha.
    • Agia Marina Carnage (dm40)
        40 player deathmatch in the town of Agia Marina.
    • Stratis Slaughter (dm80)
        80 player COOP to take on random patrols on Stratis. Requires a headless client.

Written on 2013-03-05 13:10 by ligthert  

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