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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2014-12-03

Date: 2014-12-04 08:14

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Blitzkrieg for A3


From small to large scale, both action packed and tactical battles with up to 12on12 players in a dynamic environment that focus on teamplay and mission objectives!

  • Asymetric A&D gameplay combined with AAS zone system
  • Twelve classes to choose from with different equipment and skills like:
  • Medic type classes with the ability to revive fallen or (area) heal wounded team mates
  • Or officer respawn, HALO jump, artillery strike, repair tires, flip cars, cut fences (WIP)
  • Custom spawn menu to select forward spawn or change class
  • Custom HUD to guide players
  • Small to large scale missions; Very diverse landscape and settings (daytime/weather/fog/viewdistance)
  • 15 missions available in total for Stratis (mostly 4on4 and 8on8 for the start)
  • Optional AI mode to get into A&S ProMode or as reinforcement with low player numbers (yet unreleased)
  • Highly configurable via mission parameters
  • The optional AI mode can be used for enjoyment while waiting for the server to fill or as training. See the details in the features section of the wiki.

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MPMissions folder.

    Trailer (from A&S ProMode version)
    A&S ProMode - AI Mode Demo

    Random Mode:
    This is a special version for the game mode. The way it works is:
    1. It automatically crates a mission different each time played.
    2. As admin one can change the number of zones, their size and distance in the mission parameters.
    3. As admin one can also adjust the positions of the zones during the briefing phase (demo video).

    Works of course with or without AI.
    Overall it allows you to easily play on new locations or terrain each time.

    By default West plays as NATO and East as CSAT.
    Modsets gives the admin in the mission parameters to change the faction/look of the units.

    One can also easily add new custom factions/modsets.
    One can also customize the equipment of the classes and vehicles used this way.

  • Added: Integrate RHS modsets. Much thanks to t-800a for doing most of the work for it!
  • Added: Integrate CUP modsets.
  • Added: Integrate A2 USMC and RU modsets.
  • Changed: Port random mode missions from A2+OA.
  • Changed: Port scenarios from A2+OA.
  • Changed: Port templates from A2+OA.
  • Changed: Add transport plane vehicle set to modsets.
  • Fixed: Missing vehicle set/type customization in mission parameters.
  • Fixed: Missions and templates on Iron Front terrains still use IF infantry classes.

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    - BI forums

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