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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0.1
Signed: No

Short description: The Support Call module is a "cheat" addon, that allows you to modify the way any mission (or campaign) is played.

Date: 2013-11-12 08:49

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Support Call - "Cheat" module


As it seems like Arma missions are getting more and more restrictive (locked vehicles, "forbidden" map areas, tight time limits), I figured my "Support Call" module was needed more than ever before, so I gave it a major overhaul.
After all, the thing we probably all loved about OFP & Arma was its unrestricted freedom — to do whatever you want in a mission, and to try as many different strategies as you could think of, without being shackled by artificial restrictions placed by the engine or mission designer.

This addon tries to give you back those freedoms.

See a vehicle on the map that you think could come in handy (but is, for whatever reason, locked)? Just walk up to it, and unlock it!
Are you being sent on an assassination mission, but your only gun in an M4? Request a proper sniper rifle!
Want to play the mission at night? In the rain? At your speed, without being rushed? As an undercover agent?
All that (and much more) you can do once this addon is installed, hopefully increasing the fun and replay value of missions you've already done many times in the "proper" way...

Here's the full list of features (overall there are about 50 functions to help you take back control):
  • Air-drop vehicles, weapons, magazines:
      - Any equipment available to your side can be air-dropped.
      - Drops can be done at your location, or at any place you specify.
      - Special equipment added by expansions or mods is available as well.
  • Switch Uniforms:
      - Change to a different unit type (either keeping the current equipment, or using the new type's default loadout).
      - Switch to an enemy uniform for "undercover" missions.
  • Manage Units:
      - Team members can be healed, independently from the player's equipment.
      - Player's group members can be totally immobilized, keeping them from moving or firing.
      - Player can leave (and re-join) his current group, or become its leader.
      - Recruit soldiers present in the mission, to join your own group.
      - Vehicles for AI group members can be locked/unlocked.
      - AI units stuck on obstacles can be freed.
      - AI radio communications can be disabled.
      - If alone on the map, one additional group member can be requested.
  • Request Intel:
      - Receive information about troop location and strength.
      - The origin of incoming shots can be displayed on a grid.
      - Enemy AI skills can be adjusted.
      - Video feeds for existing UAVs can be viewed from anywhere on the map.
      - If no UAV exists yet, you can launch your own.
  • Environment:
      - Mission time can be forwarded up to 12 hours, to your favorite time of day to tackle the mission at.
      - Weather settings can be set independently for overcast, fog, wind and rain.
      - Restricted zones (that kill the player upon entering) can be disabled.
  • Other assistance:
      - If you or your vehicle are stuck in the terrain, this will pull (or push) you out of there.
      - Any vehicle in the mission can be unlocked, even the one the player might be locked into.
      - Vehicles that have flipped over on the terrain, can be put back on their wheels.
      - Even totally destroyed vehicles can be recovered.
      - If an AI medic isn't coming as he's supposed to, the player can heal himself.
      - Post-processing effects (e.g. blurriness, color filters) can be disabled.
      - Mission can be ended (and marked successful) at any point. This will allow continuing on to the next campaign mission, and will keep it successful status upon restarts.
      - Allows you to play for as long as you want, even if the mission has a deadline.
      - Create a game restore point at any time during the mission.
      - Opens debug console to execute script commands directly.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

After installing the file, there will be an additional button in the pause menu, to execute the module.
Click the "Call for Support" button, and the selection menu will open.

Included files:

For usage instructions rfer to the included readme!

Known issues:
In version 1.9.0 the following is missing:
- No air-drops — equipment is placed directly on the ground
- No UAV support

Changed: New quick-access action buttons
Added: Disable zone restrictions
Added: Allow reinforcement drops
Added: Heal group members
Added: Allow use of enemy uniforms
Added: Allow use of enemy equipment
Added: Adjust AI skills

- Changed: New quick-access action buttons
- Added: Disable zone restrictions
- Added: Allow reinforcement drops
- Added: Heal group members
- Added: Allow use of enemy uniforms
- Added: Adjust AI skills

- Compatibility update for A3 release

- Moved activation button away from debug console

- Added: Boats and unarmed aircraft can be dropped
- Added: "Unstuck" function works forwards and backwards
- Changed: Improved uprighting of vehicles
- Changed: Use new weapons and ammo boxes
- Fixed: Smoke and lights now work at night
- Fixed: Postprocessing can be disabled

- Added: Find nearest fuel station
- Added: Enable team switching for all group leaders
- Changed: Existing vehicles can be entered, even if not group leader
- Fixed: Shot detection corrected, if player is in vehicle
- Added: ULBs can be re-launched at player location
- Added: All vehicles in player group can be locked/unlocked
- Added: Destroyed vehicles can be recovered
- Added: Flipped over vehicles can be uprighted
- Added: Option to end mission (registered as success)
- Added: Option to disable post-processing effects
- Added: Option to heal player, if medic is unresponsive
- Changed: Improved ULB flight behavior
- Changed: Improved speed of initial list population
- Changed: Vehicles and weapons can only be dropped once per type
- Fixed: Player can use dropped vehicles, even if not group leader

All older versions were released for Arma 2:
- Support Call - "Cheat" module for Arma 2

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- BI forums

External download:
- Support Call

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