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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.0

Date: 2013-09-12 07:35

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Dynamic Zombie Sandbox - A3


Hello. After over a year of development over multiple platforms, DZS is ready to be released for ArmA 3. This new engine brings plenty of new features to spice up the zombie experience. First and foremost is ragdoll. Now mundane things like hitting zombies with your vehicle become far more satisfying. Physics also brings the potential for excellent new gameplay possibilites.

DZS has mostly remained the same for this version, but many features will not work since this is a whole new iteration of the game. The ArmA 3 version of DZS was taken directly from the latest beta of ArmA 2 CO DZS. Basically this is quick and dirty, but it works. There are zombies to kill. So have fun. Just don't run out of ammo.

What's new?:
Buildings now play an integral part in the DZS experience.

  1. A new system of zombie spawning done completely within buildings
  2. New player spawning, within buildings, in their underwear as if they just woke up. (think Rick Grimes)
  3. New zombie sounds, they are a work in progress so please give feedback on them
  4. More stable spawning system
  5. Completely redone file structure
  6. Fixed time sync issues
  7. And a new loot spawning system
  8. You can search the personal effects of dead zombies and players
  9. Cute heartbeat in the beginning
  10. Messages to intro you to the mission

Let me expand on a few of these:Things now spawn as the player moves around the map, and it is all done client side. This includes weapons, vehicles, and zombies.

You can investigate a dead zombie or player's body. Open their wallet and learn their name, their age, and more. I intend to expand this into a whole new task system that also included vehicles and maybe buildings. Everything has a story, it's time to tell it.This update is basically a launchpad for the future.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MPMissions folder.
It also included a folder version for mission developers.

DZS is very much WIP, I mark this as 1.0 because it is a new beginning for the mission and for me.Some things to expect:
    Lagginess: There is a vast amount of things being spawned
    Occasional errors: Config errors occur a lot in DZS, I'm working on it
    Some parameters won't work. This will get fixed soon, worry not

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  • Zombies not working on clients
  • New Game Type: No spawns (for developers)

  • v0.6
  • Zombies no longer spawn in water
  • Vehicles no longer spawn in water
  • Vehicle spawning redone
  • Building destruction parameter fixed
  • Medic packs in vehicles removed
  • Dead zombies may have bandages
  • All spawning parameters work correctly now
  • Decreased .rpt spam
  • Debug mode fixed
  • Parameters cleaned up further
  • Grass settings now longer crash game
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

  • v0.5
  • Added weapon and other loot spawns in buildings
  • Headshots will kill
  • Split up player groups
  • Removed jittery zombie spawning
  • Cleaned up parameters
  • Zombies not attacking
  • Players starting without weapons
  • Boxes being empty

  • v0.3
  • New vehicle spawn system
  • Adjusted some parameters
  • Included Civilian skins

  • v0.2
  • Included plentiful ammobox spawns near where the player starts. NOTE: You may have to search for them!
  • Made steps to counteract the "Swimming on respawn" issues.
  • Zombies no longer stop spawning permanently, they will begin again over time.
  • Did a lot of testing regarding vehicles

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