Author: SaOk
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.3

Date: 2013-11-06 06:37

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Whole Lotta Stratis


Persians have seized Stratis with suddent large scale assault. Greeks are unable to enter the island without our help. Your team is sent into the island to support armed locals and greeks against dominating enemy"

  • Dynamic mission using whole Stratis map
  • Dynamic life generator for enemy/friendly units (patrols, scouts, camps, towers, slow/fast reinforcements, support vehicles)
  • Enemy groups communicate to track player's position, offering still change to flee unnoticed
  • Random positioned dynamic tasks to give different feeling for the mission every time
  • Much optional, but meaningful tasks included
  • All tasks have effect on generating scripts or/and bigger tasks
  • Difficulty level goes slowly higher during progress
  • Random events
  • Much improved heavy dynamic civilian/animal ambient life
  • Many Custom gameplay elements (Smoke signals, dynamic reinforcements...)
  • Cutscenes
  • Friendly AI groups fighting with player depending on relationship values
  • Made with Performance Friendly Methods

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\Missions folder.

    Mission doesn't have yet cutscenes/proper story. When reaching 1.0 version, all the key features will be there.
    Else very awesome Blastcore may cause heavy suddent FPS loss after 1-1,5h playing. Avoid playing the mission with the current version of the mod.


    Optional addons:
    All in Arma (AiA) by kju

    RH PDW pack by RobertHammer

    AS50 sniper rifle by HawK

    NV and Thermal Optics Pack by Uncertain

    M16A4 Example by ToadBall

    Barret M107/M82 "Blackened" by g00d69

    R3F French Weapons Pack by Team R3F

    FHQ Accessories pack by Alwarren

    FHQ M4 pack by Alwarren

    Kalashnikov AK-47 [ALPHA] by hotshotmike1001

    Kalashnikov RPK74 [BETA] by hotshotmike1001

    MK18 Pack [BETA] by ardvarkdb1

    A3B Temporary Support Vehicles [BETA] by ][Niipaa

  • AI not shooting issue fixed
  • Fixed JSRS-soundmod requirement accidentally slipped in the mission
  • Fixed one other bug

  • v1.2
  • New team-mate system with stats, and conditions affecting on individual skills
  • Player can interact with team-mate's in multiple ways
  • UAVs and UGVs added if player is using DEV-version of the game (or once the content is in non-DEV-version)
  • New options to choose in start dialog
  • New skip time dialog
  • Goats and new music track also added (for DEV-version of the game)
  • Some other tweaks and fixes
  • More units can be bought from camps
  • Resting requires now nearby friendly camp
  • Other tweaks/fixes

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    - BI forums

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