Author: SilentAce07
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 3.0 (4/13/2013)

Date: 2013-04-14 07:22

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Skirmish at Marina Bay


Here's a quick mission I made for those who want to check out the infantry combat with friends (or solo). Players have unlimited respawns at base. Enemies respawn as you eliminate their unit. There are two ammo crates with a few weapons at the base.

Enemies are patrolling the town using Kronzky's amazing UPS script. Enemies also will respawn deep inside the city near the docks when all members of each unit are killed (using Norrin's AI respawn group patrol script). Enemies will respawn a maximum of 100 times. Dead bodies will disappear after 60 seconds using Celery's CLY Remove Dead Script.

The objective of this mission is just to enjoy the firefight. For best results, don't get too close to the docks because enemies spawn at a location there and it'll get messy. If you do want to end the mission, there's a lone vehicle on the docks you can destroy and the mission will end.

This is my first mission. It was really created so a friend and I could enjoy the alpha in short gaming sessions, but I decided I'd release for anyone who's looking for the same type of thing. I can't promise I will be able to fix the mission if there are problems, but I will certainly try when I have time. Enjoy!

  • Unlimited player respawns
  • Use AI when playing solo or play coop with friends (2 players here, 4 player version on BI forums)
  • Respawning enemy units (respawn up to 100 times)
  • Urban Firefight
  • Ammo box at base

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file to your Arma3/MPMissions folder.

    Resuming from a save tends to break the AI Respawn script, so start fresh every time.
    This is my first mission ever. So please take it easy on me. I'll try to fix problems when I have time, but I'm in the middle of relocating and will be quite distracted.

    v3.0 (4/13/2013)
  • It uses an updated UPS script.
  • Respawn points have been placed more strategically.
  • Grenades have been added.

  • v2.3 (4/6/2013)
  • Made for developer build/beta as requested

  • v3/14/2013
  • Added ammo crates with weapons, optics, and ammo for loadout customization
  • Changed default loadouts
  • General spawn location tweaks

  • v3/13/2013
  • Spawn system entirely reworked
  • Higher performance
  • More flexible and unpredictable firefights

  • v3/7/2013
  • 2 Player Lite Version added (less enemies, higher performance, slower combat, meant for higher difficulty)

  • v3/6/2013
  • 4 Player version added

  • Credits & Thanks:
    Thanks to everyone who provided the scripts used in this mission:
    Kronzky (UPS Script)
    Norrin (AI Respawn Group Patrol Script)
    Celery (CLY Remove Dead Script)

    Thanks so much to the above scripters, BI, and anyone else who contributes to the Arma series.

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