Russians addon by sudden updated
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Sudden released an updated version of his Russians addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote sudden :
    These are some fictional "Russians" with weapons.
    "Russian" soldiers equipped with AK-74M, AK-105, AK-107, RPK, Pecheneg, SVU, SVDS, KSVK, VAL and VSS.
    Badguys with AKM, SVD, RPG-7.
    Items: suppressors TGP-A, TGP-B, 1p29, Krechet and Cobra collimators, PSO1 and PSO4 Optics.
    Vehicles: BTR100, Retextured KA-60, Mi-48, Kamaz trucks, T100, BTR-K

    • New bikey, all pbos repacked and resigned
    • BTR-100 now can swim

Written on 2014-07-21 23:44 by sudden  

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