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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.0
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Short description: Here is the 64N6E acquisition radar for ArmA 2 CO.

Date: 2013-03-08 07:47

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64N6E acquisition radar


Here is a new mobile radar for ArmA 2 CO.
The 64N6E acquisition radar is essentially a mobile centimetric wave-band all-round looking radar featuring a two-face phased array, as well as an automatic operating mode and data reception control means. The 64N6E radar's air target detection range, resolution, accuracy and information update rate allow the combat control station personnel to lock on and track various threats in all environments, including heavy ECM environment, identify the detected threats and take bearing of enemy active jammers. The radar can be deployed or stowed in few minutes – the booms stow against the array, the outer panels of the array swing inward and the whole antenna stows forward to lie flat on top of the trailer. Also is provided with a gas-turbine generator producing a 3-phase 220 V 400 Hz voltage. The radar equipment is arranged in two containers: F6E (phased array, transmitter and receiver) and F8E (noise protection, data processing and radar control devices), installed on a road train (the Maz-74106 truck tractor and "9988" semitrailer).

All features of this addon it's possible to see in the video below.
Some explanations:
    - Game models only imitate work of a real radar 64N6E, and has no functionality of type of search of air targets etc. They can be damaged or completely destroyed. Only wheels in the trailer can't be damaged but if trailer is destroyed then wheels completely disappear.(It is made specially, the radar in operating time couldn't tilt in any part.)
    - The semitrailer became steadier during movement with the tow tractor. On turns doesn't overturn. But is having old illness, sometimes semitrailer to drop out of fixture.(ArmA 2 game "geometry" working.) Not so often as in last addon with ODaZ, but it sometimes happens. But it can be seen before, and quickly to change a situation. Before the trailer can come off, it will a little shiver, then at this moment is necessary to reduce quickly speed or to start turning a little the tow tractor to the left or to the right. After these movements, the trailer will be established in an old place of fixture. The example is shown in this fragment of video.
    - To tow the semitrailer better is empty, without bots and people. At least that they would sit in cargo seats. If the person sits down on a place of the driver, it is better to activate at once "free look" what not to touch "steering" of wheels. It is connected with the trailer, what he could behave is more realistic on turns.
    - Bots too can to tow the tractor and the semitrailer, only at first it is necessary to connect them using the necessary animation. But is good driving is possible if only on direct roads, on difficult sites or turns of AI can enter to the stupor. Though it can be happens is simple so. (Big truck for AI:))
    - What the semitrailer could is realistic to rise and fall on support as here, necessary, sitting on driver-place, for the period of this animation to clamp the "forward" button
    - The headlight works at the tow tractor if the general light is included.
    - During animations it is better not to use time acceleration, as all main animations now are have sound, in a consequence of that there can be not a coincidence of a sound to the necessary period of animation.
    - Made different camouflages, but as I am not a professional in the photoshop, probably somewhere they turned out not so beautiful. Consider it is test versions of camo. )

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Included files:


There are many different animations which you can use, you can find the full Animation list here.

All animations will be presented by two methods:
1- full versions with all sequences and sounds or
2- faster, all animations move at the same time and without a sound.

Credits & Thanks:
Was used model and textures of Gecko.(S-300 addon Maz-543 from OFP)
Also thanks Mukcep for the help in some scripts.

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