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Version: 1.06

Short description: Kegetys' Spectator script now converted for use in Arma 3

Date: 2013-03-13 07:59

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Kegetys' Spectator script [ALPHA]

Kegetys, Vipermaul, Norrin, Kerc Kasha

Kegetys' indomitable spectator script originally for Operation Flashpoint is now available for use in Arma 3.

I converted an older version of Kegetys spectator script (the non-ace one in the F2 framework) to Arma 3. It has some outstanding issues so if you're used to the one featured in ACE you might notice things are slightly more sluggish. I'm looking into fixing them eventually but it may make it require CBA.

I'd also like to note this fixes the lack of sound in 'bird' spectator also, and the fade to black that has broken most respawn scripts.

Installation / Usage:
Copy everything in the rar into your mission folder, if you already have an init.sqf and description.ext don't replace them instead add the following code to your init:
[] execVM "spect\specta_init.sqf";
and in your description.ext add:
#include "spect\spectating.hpp"

Known issues:
(mostly carry overs from the old version)
- performance with the freecam is terrible, if it bothers you use chase cam or something
- markers and unit tags can cause performance issues
- plus whatever is in the existing readme

- Some scripts were pointing to older non-existent versions, this has been fixed
- Sound should work now

Credits & Thanks:
*Kegetys for the original script
*Modifications by Vipermaul
*Modifications by Norrin
*Conversion and fixes for Arma 3 by Kerc Kasha

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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