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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-08-21 06:44

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Wall Generator

This will generate a wall around a specified object.

[this, “BolsaArena”, 10.4, Inv_XY, [Ajx, AJy, AJz]] exec “Parapeto.sqs”

Parameter 1 = logical drive that it contains call to script
Parameter 2 = Object to use to raise trench
Parameter 3 = Amount of used bags as it bases
Parameter 4 = Amount of bags of stop in dig in

The first parameter is the unit that will be used like anchor to take its direction and position and from those
data, to conform the wall of objects. (It is Generally a logical drive).

The second parameter talks about the object-addon that will be used like component of the wall (ej: BolsaArena, FenceWood, etc).

Third, it is the amount of objects used like length of the wall. (Maximum of 30, but it is possible to be modified in script)

The quarter, is the amount of objects used like height of the wall. (Maximum of 10, but it is possible to be modified in script)

Fifth it is a logical field (true/false) that it indicates if the dimensions of wide length and of the object must be reversed
due to a different disposition from the design of addon used like component.

Finally (he is optional), the sixth parameter is an Array of 3 elements that contains the values modifiers of
dimensions of to be used object-component if it is required by differences of design of he himself on the part of his creator.

This script accompanies to a previous liberation (generating by trenches) and in he himself addon of sand stock-market is enclosed.

Example mission:
Download an example mission from here.
This example mission needs LowFly EditorUpdate.

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