Tao Folding Map by Taosenai
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Taosenai released an updated version of his Tao Folding Map on the BI forums.

    Quote Taosenai :
    Tao Folding Map will allow you to toggle a usefully-large map anytime in game by pressing Shift-Map (default 'm'). It will automatically close when you open the big map or open your gear. Of course it does not restrict your movement or anything.
    A paper version is also available via userconfig.

    It is unique in that it is not centered on your current position. Instead, it is 'folded' into areas. This lets you keep a continuous perspective on the battlefield. The page is changed automatically when you cross over the edge.

    You can zoom in and out by pressing Shift-Ctrl-Zoom In/Out (default 'Numpad +/-').
    You can change to a night mode by pressing Shift-Ctrl-Nightvision (default 'n'). Sorry, the map is not perfect -- some colors are hardcoded it seems.
    If you have a GPS or are playing on Regular or lower, your position will be shown. Map markers are shown.

    • CBA RC6 or later is required.
    • Updated to use newest cba_fnc_addKeybind.

Written on 2015-04-16 09:59 by Taosenai  

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