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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.49

Short description: You can use this to spawn units\vehicles and have them patrol,defend,attack,hunt the players group etc.

Date: 2018-03-13 09:13

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SLP Spawning script


Well I finally got around to updating this after a long break from Arma 3. I have tried to optimize it and clean it up as best as I am able. As I learn more about scripting I change and implement what I learn, but it is a slow process.

SLP_spawn will spawn units, vehicles, armor, air, boats in just about any configuration you want. It will also tell spawned units what to do using either CBA or BIS functions, taskpatrol/taskdefend/attack ,and functions I have created hunt\attack ,and scripts community authors have made like Zen_occupyhouse and SHK_buildingpos.

SLP is very robust in what it can do. It can have opfor units spawn in bluefor vehicles(if that is what you want) and patrol an area or defend an area. You can decide how many groups you want with how many units per group. You can completely randomize the number and locations of units\vehicles in a mission.

SLP will work with any mod. Just have to set the units/vehicles in the SLP_unit_config.sqf. examples: CUP, Unsung etc

SLP runs completely server side. I have tested it on hosted and dedicated (dedicated testing has been awhile so not sure if any errors will show up, I am too lazy to put a server back up for testing).

For usage instructions and information of how to use the SLP Spawning script please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

I recommend using CBA with this but it will work with out CBA. BIS_fnc_taskpatrol is a little strange on some things. Boats will not patrol with BIS_fnc_taskpatrol. They head straight for land. No idea why this happens.

I know their are better ways of doing some of the scripting, so if anyone wants to make changes feel free. I just ask my name stay attached somewhere and you share it with the community.

Credits & Thanks:
Shuko ... I am using his SHK_pos.sqf to find the spawn locations. I have not altered it in anyway , full credits go to Shuko for this script. I am also using his SHK_buildingpos.sqf script as an example of what can be added to the SLP_tasks.sqf for the spawned groups to preform, again full credit to Shuko for his script.
CBA and it creators
Silola for creating DAC , got alot of ideas from there
all the folks at the BI forums who have taken the time to answer questions and provide help

-changed marker colors for all sides. Sides now use "coloreast","colorwest" etc
-removed unnecessary waituntil and if/then statements
-changed script to take advantage of new scripting commands
-cleaned/optimized code
-spawned AI drivers (helos,armor,planes,cars etc) now have a skill of 1. (figured AI drivers need all the help they can get)
-SLP skill settings will be over written by any type of AI Mod...VCOM,ASR etc
-changed SLP_instances variable to missionnamespace getvariable ["SLP_numofgroups",SLP_numofgroups];
-can use this to get the number of groups that have been spawned, useful for tracking group numbers in wave type missions.
-( example in demo mission)
-for debug purposes you can use SLP_markers on all editor placed units
-this has to be implemented by mission maker( was going to implement this as part of SLP Spawn but decided to leave it up to mission maker if they want to use it or not)

-(example in demo mission)
-added a couple more examples for executing code from the init of spawned units
-various small fixes and spelling corrections

-this newest version has the option of using "initsting" you can run custom scripts on newly spawned units ( see demo for examples).
-I have made to many changes since the last version to list everything

- hotfixes

- fixed the errors caused by the latest beta
- added class names for armor
- the line in init.sqf has changed to SLP= [] execVM "SLP\SLP_init.sqf";
- call line requires 8 elements now...0= ["nameofspawn",[side,faction],[position],[infantry],[vehicles],[armor],[air],[tasks]] spawn SLP_spawn;
- fixed bad class name in SLP_units_config

- remove some bad class names from the SLP_units_config.sqf
- tried to update the readme with more info
- added a few more examples
- some small fixes

- updated to match new classes in beta
- removed setvehicleinit
- some code fixes
- a few typo fixes

- fixed a mislabled variable

- various changes
- fixed armor not spawning crew but just regular units
- added _boat array in SLP_units_config. You can now spawn boats.

- Updated with new class name for Opfor vehicle. No other changes at this time, so keeping the same version number.

- SLP was saying it was aborting when it really wasn't.
- removed another hint I was using for testing, missed that one also

- "Tasks" will now be shown in the debug markers, to let you know what the spawned units/vehicles are doing
- fixed markers in lower left corner
- added CBA functions
- added example with CRB_housepos
- expanded the demo with more examples
- changed some of the hints
- cleaned up the code
- various fixes

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- BI forums

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