SLP Spawning script for Arma 3 by Nomadd updated
Editing and Scripts

Nomadd released an updated version of his SLP Spawning script on the BI forums.
You can use this to spawn units and/or vehicles and have them patrol, defend, attack, hunt the players group and lots more.

    Quote Nomadd :
    This is a set of scripts I made for ARMA2. I have made a few changes and released it for ARMA3.
    I will update this as new units/vehicles are released. I removed all dependencies on CBA, when CBA is working again with ARMA3 I will make a new version of this script to take advantage of the CBA functions of taskpatrol, taskdefend, taskattack, as they are much better than the BIS functions.

    I have not been able to fully test this on a dedicated server, so any problems please post them.

    In the download is a very simple demo mission showing different way to use the script. There is much more that this script can be used for ,but the demo should give you some ideas. I also included a read-me, with full credits and instructions. Yes I know I need to update the readme, just have to find the time.

    The script will now use CBA functions if CBA is detected. If CBA is not detected it will use BIS functions. You can make a mission that will work either way but be warned CBA functions and BIS functions do not work exactly the same. Mainly CBA_fnc_taskdefend and BIS_fnc_taskdefend are quite different in the way units will preform in game. Just play around with them to find what you like.

    It has been awhile since I have done anything with ARMA. I saw the beta was released and had alittle time so I updated SLP to the beta. The newest version has the class changes and includes the independent faction. I remove the ability of having spawned units process anything in the inits. I may add this feature back at a future date. I did some testing and everything appears to be working.
    In game path finding is still an issue in the towns/citys. This has nothing to do with SLP. Units after time just seem to get stuck. Guard rails are still a problem for units, they no longer get stuck on them. They will go prone to go under a guardrail but will never stand up again. Getting units to patrol on water still does not work, but Kronzkys UPS script seems to work find on water. These are a few issues I noticed while testing.

    • version 3.43:
        - some hotfixes
    • version 3.42:
        - fixed the errors caused by the latest beta
        - added class names for armor
        - changed line in init.sqf
        - call line requires 8 elements now
        - fixed bad class name in SLP_units_config

Written on 2013-07-30 07:56 by Nomadd  

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