FA_stance by Head and harakka updated
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Harakka released an updated version of the FA stance addon made by him and Head on the BI forums.
This small addon shows your current stance on the HUD.

    Quote Harakka :
    This clientside addon adds a UI display showing the player's current stance.

    The stance is shown in the bottom left corner and it consists of a human silhouette and a modifier arrow. If the player is standing in the highest stance the display shows an upright silhouette with an up arrow, and if the player is crouched and sidestepping left it'll show a crouched silhouette with a left arrow, et cetera.

    When player is in one of the middle stances, the display becomes partially transparent. The display is hidden when player is in a vehicle, cutscene view or similar. The silhouette's texture changes when you're in high or low prone
    stance, to remind you that you can't move unless you change your stance.

      • New features: background image removed in favor of dark silhouette outlines for cleaner and less obscuring look, fading can be customized via useconfig.
      • The new prone left and right stances are now supported
      • V2 keys added

Written on 2013-04-18 07:19 by harakka  

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