Author: Subroc
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.1

Short description: A lightweight and simple Radioscript.

Date: 2013-03-09 17:23

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Sub_Radio [ALPHA]


Adds ten custom channels for the ingame VoIp radio. Use dialog to add the player to the channel and then switch to that channel with the chats default "Next Channel"/"Previous Channel" to activate it.

- Extend the default chat VoIp channels.
- Scriptbased no addons needed.

Installation / usage:
Copy the sub_radio folder to your mission folder.
Add this to your init.sqf :
_null = [] execvm "sub_radio\sub_radio_init2.sqf";
Add this to your description.ext :
#include "sub_radio\sub_radio_UI.hpp"
Then when you launch the mission you shoud have a "Open Radio Menu" in your actionmenu.

Known issues:
- Doesnt check if the player hasweapon radio, will be fixed later
- When a channel is selected from the dialog the old channel is still active until custom channel is selected with default next/prev channel keys, i think it cant be fixed as the default chat is somewhat hardcoded.
- Some strange behaviours when player inside vehicle.

- First public release

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- BI forums

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