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Date: 2007-08-22 15:32

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Visitor 3 Personal Edition

Visitor 3 Personal Edition is a tool allowing to design game maps for Bohemia Interactive's game engines.

Supported formats:
    - PEW (internal map project format)
    - WRP (exported by viewer)
    - Please note that older version of PEW made using Visitor Lite is not supported.
    - Other engine-specific formats (textures, models, param files etc.) are used by the tool.
Viewer setup:
First thing you should do is to click "Tools" > "System Preferences" to set the path to realtime viewer working directory (standard is P:\). All path indications will be relative to this path, so if something does not work as expected you should check there first.

Also define the call parameters for the viewer.

Path to viewer (Commands in [] are optional; leave [] away when using that command):
PathToArmaDir\Arma.exe -buldozer [-window] [-addons=addons.txt] [-cfg=PathToConfig] [-maxmem=1024]
    -window : Starts Buldozer in window instead of fullscreen.
    -cfg=PathToConfig : Forces Buldozer to use a certain config.
    -addons=addons.txt : File containing necessary addons, if you want to see correct clutter settings for edited world, its folder must be mentioned in such file. Also, some UI elements might be missing if they are not called for by the TXT file and unpacked to viewer's working directory.
Example of addons.txt:
addons[] =
"ca\", "ca\data\", "ca\UI\", "ca\UIFonts\"
Visitor 3 PE allows user to use Visitor scripting language, which shares common features with engine scripting language. Some scripts may cause viewer or Visitor crash if viewer is connected.

Additional info:
For more information about the tool visit Visitor 3 (@ BIS wiki)

Visitor 3 Personal Edition is provided free of charge for any non-commercial use without any support from Bohemia Interactive. Use it at your own risk. Refer to the end user license agreement as displayed during the setup process of this application for more details.

Copyright (c) 2007 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved.

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