Author: Xeno
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Requirements: None

Version: 1.1

Short description: A simple script to repair, rearm, and refuel vehicles in the ArmA III Alpha

Date: 2013-03-10 20:46

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Vehicle Rearm Script [ALPHA]


The vehicle pad script included here is a script that instantly facilitates the ability to rearm, repair, and refuel any vehicle in ArmA III.

Originally, this script has been written by Xeno!
I decided that due to the lack of support trucks in the ArmA III Alpha, the public might benefit from a script that lets them service their vehicles.
Eventually I will release an ArmA III adapted version of our aircraft failure scripts for use by the public.

I hope you enjoy this script.

- Can be tweaked by the mission developer to included longer repair, refuel, and rearm times.
- The script is multiplayer friendly!
- Simple 2-step intallation to get your mission up and running in no time.
- Ability to make ANY trigger area a refuel, rearm, repair area.

- A trigger that may be placed where ever you want on the map
- No wait time

Installation / Usage:
- Place a trigger on your map. The defined area of the trigger in the editor translates to the area a vehicle must enter to be serviced.
- Ensure that the trigger is set to be activated repeatedly and may be activated by anyone or whomever you wish it to be activated by.
- For land vehicles, place this in the trigger conditions
("LandVehicle" countType thislist  > 0) && ((getpos (thislist select 0)) select 2 < 1)
- For air vehicles, place this in the trigger condition and replace triggername with the name of the trigger:
(getPos ((list triggername) select 0) select 2) <= 1
- Place the following into the Trigger On Act field.
_xhandle= (thislist select 0) execVM "x_reload.sqf";
This ensures that the script fires upon trigger activation.
- Copy & Paste the included x_reload.sqf into your mission file.
- Export your mission to pack it into a PBO. Enjoy!

To change the speed at which the pad performs repair, rearm, and refuel services:
- Open file: x_reload.sqf
- Find line of code (x_reload_time_factor = 0.01;): This controls how fast the script runs
- Changed to desired value

Credits & Thanks:
This is completely based on Xeno's rearming script!

- New conditions to increase reliability, especially with air vehicles. Included sample mission and changed readme.

- Initial release

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