Arma II information from Games convention

On we can read {SF} c930 from the Sniper fans was at the IDEA stand at the Games Convention.
There he had the chance to see and play with Queens Gambit but also see some Arma II and get some new information about it from Ivan Buchta (Enviroment Design, BI).

I have taken the liberty to translate this into English, if anyone sees I made some mistakes I would appreciate it if you would let us know so we can correct it.

Here is the info, some new some we already know:
    - ArmA2 is "Game2".
    - Release: 2008 (target).
    - The campaign is set in Eatern Europe, back to the roots.
    - The island will be very detailled. The forrests will have many different vegatations.
    - In the presentation the viewdistance was 15 km. It seemed to run without any problem on the used system:
      Core2Duo, 3GB Ram, Geforce 8 (not sure which one)
    - The AI should be much improved but still it has some troubles.
    With the editor we made a small test, 2 opposing squads were made walking in a town towards a crossing. The road usage has been improved a lot but still one of the soldiers walks right to the middle of the crossing and doesnt spot the opposing squad right in front of him.
    - The new island should be twice as big as Sahrani.
    - The tracers were copied from VBS2.
    - Physics have been improved but still not at the same level as todays FPS's since in arma there just are so many different objects.
Quote {SF} c930 :
All in all I was pleased with what I saw (I have played Crysis right before visiting the arma stand).
I havent made many pictures but I can confirm the graphical quality of the "promo" screenshots wont cause any troubles with an up to date system.

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Written on 2007-08-23 15:24 by Foxhound  

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