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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.9

Date: 2013-04-14 07:04

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GITS Evolution


One of the most popular MP missions in the Arma series.
ALPHA release: Multiplayer mission capturing 11 increasingly harder enemy zones using land, sea and air assets, artillery and vehicles. Functions include: Towing, ranked ammo crates, vehicles and support options for player progression, supporting AI, equipment drops and artillery from smoke and flares up to nukes. 15 complex side-missions for your squad to carry out: CSAR, ambush, assassination, rendition, extermination, air, water and land patrols, area defence and airbase raid. 10 classes of player with unique abilities, including a spy.

Mission Goal:
core mission installed - for each of 11 target zones
1. destroy radio tower to prevent reinforcements
2. capture enemy officer
3. clear city
4. capture POW's

New reward/cost system - added mission parameter rewardfactor (high=6, default medium=4, low=2) for player rewards
// score for group capturing officer (default 20)
// score for individuals in city when it is cleared (default 16)
// score for group taking down tower (default 12)
// score for individual capturing POW alive (default 8)
// individual penalty for killing POW (default -16)
// individual penalty for killing officer (default -36)
// group penalty for killing officer/POW/civilian (default -8)

- most parameters working in server parameters - lots of customisable elements in mission
- mission running really smooth! with loads of AI
- player respawn
- vehicle respawn (at airbase for helis, at destroy site for land vehicles)
- vehicle repair, rearm and refuel in airbase, or at FARP's
- Ammo crates featuring all weapons and items available in Alpha (bug free!) including full frogman eqpt crate
- full loadout save (at ammo crates (thanks aeroson!) - marked on map) - including vest, backpack, uniform, ammo, weapons, weaponitems, equipped items, grenades etc
- dynamic player markers on map
- abandoned and damaged vehicle markers on map
- MHQ (with heal action) - temporarily a pickup truck! - respawn to it using the flag action at base
- ReconHQ - created by officer class - respawn to it using the flag action at base
- Both MHQ and ReconHQ are destroyed in water
- Teamkiller jail - strips kit after -5pts and leaves you to rot at -50 pts.
- Engineer can make mobile FARP (repair, refuel and rearm) if he has a Toolkit and is near a repair truck (temp: Ifrit standing in for repair truck) which he can lock
- Medic can make a MASH (forward heal point) if he has a Medikit (temp: toilet cubicle - bug: action not global at the moment so it only appears to him)
- Intro music and load screen
- globalised heal actions on MHQ and MASH's
- Rank system implemented for ammo crates and vehicles (default parameter is 30 points per rank)
- pilots can access choppers from the start unless parameter set to 150 points.
- missile cameras for helis with missiles
- Engineer can lock repair trucks (ifrit - temp)
- Player squad join system - either use U/T menu Transfer option or use action on flag at base
- base loadout tweaked (if playing unlocked it sets the weapons to high quality and full items, if playing locked it gives really basic stuff) - features standard kit for all players except pilots
- custom support sounds and nuke sounds
- BigPickle added an intro by [WD]Elvis
- added save kit to ammo crates after ranking up (was deleted)
- added save weapons to recon HQ
- added flashlight to inventory (for night spawners)
- better colour definition for custom actions (mando hitch, crew, eng lock, etc)
- each class has different squad support functions (medic, engineer, officer, sniper, grenadier, pilot, AT, AA, MG, spy)
- all players can build obstacles to block roads and make small protective defences (currently brick pallets!)
- added mortar rounds (flares, smoke, laser etc) to camp mortars and spawned/support menu mortars
- added working flares/smoke to support options
- enemy reinforcements by truck
- added POW camp (parameter) for more difficult capturing method - need to bring the POW/officer back to POW camp.
- added hint to new players to remind them to save loadout (thanks w00der)
- added spy class Alpha 4-3 lite rifleman - can go undercover etc (See guide for full details) - can toggle off in parameters for public servers. useful team member.
- added killcam (parameter)
- fixed vehicle marking system (integrated with Tophe's excellent vehicle respawn script)
- fixed bug losing ammo with R3F and spy holstering weapon
- support lumes definitely work at night (U menu)
- added "officer killed by" message to shame idiots
- added tankbusters chopper killer - one rocket will now kill a chopper and award you points for the kill
- AI difficulty management script developed - testing in 2.0 to see if it is now too easy...
- killcam and base raiders defaulted OFF
- group will score points if non-officer POW's are transported back to POW camp
- added parameter for reinforcement delay
- added parameter for AI skill
- added 3 parameters for vehicle respawn delay (air, land, abandoned)

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MPMissions folder.

Guide to playing GITS Evolution:

T/U menu:
his mission features a custom support and options menu with the following features:
New: additional icons created for support and assignment menus
- ADDED requirement that you have GPS/RADIO for calling support using T/U menu

-Options: set autochange view distance for aircraft/ground. Turn grass on and off
-Transfer: click a players name and then click join to join his squad and see his team on HUD display
-Recruitment: recruit AI to the control of your team leader - numbers and types ranked (can be changed in parameters)
-Support: 24 different support options (ranked) - some working some not depending on alpha development (can be changed in parameters)
--Nuke works!
--marker smoke, motorbikes, boats, ammo crates, minefields, flares, etc all work
--all statics are mortars for now
--artillery support (not fully working yet as bombs missing from the game)
-Assignments: 18 side missions from water patrol to exterminate cult to assassinate general to ambush troop convoy to rescue pilot, etc
1. water patrol
2. convoy ambush
3. land patrol available at corporal rank
4. destroy armour
5. combat search and rescue (doctor)
6. rescue pilot (from corporal rank)
7. rendition
8. ambush troop convoy
9. rescue agent
10. defence (2 levels - corporal rank and major rank)
11. exterminate cult (3 levels pvt, cpl and major)
12. assassinate general
13. air patrol
14. air assault

R3F logistics:
Load items into vehicles, tow vehicles to each other, move static weapons and small objects about etc

Helicopter hitch system (with added eventhandling to stop catastrophic damage of vehicles in transit)

Work in progress:
- engineer and medic should score points for healing/fixing
- city markers not going to current target city for new JIP (you can workaround this with radio 0-0-2)
- R3F logistics script failing after a time (tow vehicles, load in and move items like ammo boxes, obstacles, mortars)
- enemy vehicles spawning in quantity in towns (e.g. should be 15 in first city)
- 3 types of enemy base raiders (under trial) - sea/air/land borne raiders (parameter).
- disabled heli reinforcements for now as they just will not land! and they have no parachutes...
- cleaning up "zombies" at spawn and crap dropped from ammo crates
- separating out spawn from crates to enable better cleanup without losing gear menu functionality
- killing officer - penalty fails? even rewards sometimes
- time of day synching fails?
- move spawn boats off of shelf on beach
- airbase raid to take down special enemy command tower (almost complete)

Some observations for community mission scripters:
1. if you removeallweapons beware that the grenade muzzle will also get nulled, meaning the player will be unable to throw grenades - am working on a fix for this today.
2. there is an object caller for
primaryweapon unit
secondaryweapon unit
but not handgun unit
3. NVG is now an item whereas binoculars remain a weapon...
4. A3a has ammo crates with max size of 40 weapons/100 mags or 30 weapons/250 mags - (albeit temporarily) gone are days of vehicleboxes containing 200+ weapons!
5. backpack returns a string but unitbackpack returns an object, there is not a similar function for uniform, vest, headgear and goggles.
6. starting players with grenades/satchels is a big NoNo - they just attack each other at spawn or press G on the ammo crates (massive mistake BIS!) which now throws a grenade instead of doing the gear option.

  • added disco/end credits
  • fixed ammobox
  • added items to player in all variants to workround DEV bug with empty slot client crashes (not needed at the moment)
  • more times of day in parameters (thanks Scorp)

  • v2.7
  • FIXED engineers now score points for repairing vehicles
  • ADDED enemy minefields in target zones
  • FIXED players were losing kit if not saving before dying at mission start
  • ADDED accuracy testing system for officer class using 0-0-3 and 0-0-4 if GITS mod set to ON
  • ADDED Ifrits to R3F for towing function etc
  • FIXED time now correct
  • FIXED enemy airfield guards array fixed
  • ADDED intro defaulted OFF in GITSmod experimental mode
  • fixed a typo in the init of 2.6b
  • added fortification to support menu
  • added fortification types to engineer FARP, officer foxhole
  • improved defensibility of spawn base
  • improved airport buildings layout
  • default start time 5am
  • added ability to tow gear in cargo containers (2 placed at airfield)
  • removed tow ability of offroad
  • added small objects to R3F for loading in vehicles
  • increased accuracy of AI
  • removed 9 faulty markers causing lag at airfield and failures in airbase raid sub-mission

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