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Date: 2007-08-25 20:38
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Moses and telejunky, admins of visited the Games Convention in Leipzig.
They wrote a report about it with a lot of new screenshots and posted the article on the website.
telejunky allowed Armaholic to translate the article into English so more people could read about all the information they gathered about Arma II and Arma: Queens Gambit.

This article has been translated into English by our great community member _BARNS_.
We thank him for taking the time to do the job for us!

Unclouded from the weather on the 23.08. I arrived drenched at the exhibition halls in Leipzig. After a short phone call with Ralph, most of you know him as "Moses", I met him a short time later and we started to prowl around, equipped with the ESPB-business card and covered as functional visitors through the big gaming halls.
Just these business cards allowed us apart from the give aways like demo CD's and key ribbons to reach the business area. This may sound a little bit square like a VIP, but is is pretty helpful, if not everybody can get in there.
So went, without screaming litte "gamers" around us in the convenient and air conditioned hall on our way to the publisher IDEA-games.
We got, unlike last year at Morphicon the information out of the first hand, whereat my English skills broke through the language barrier and so there was no need for Moses to talk with his hands and feet anymore.

Finally after passing the white walled labyrinth we arrived at the IDEA stand and we were surprised about the tons of pictures and posters which robed the otherwise white walls.
Two 22" big TFT screens smiled upon us, showing ARMA II and ARMA: Queens Gambit.
Instead of gaping all the time I started to ask the nice man next to the screens, his name was "Marek Spanel" some questions - we found the evildoer, who made us addicted to Operation Flashpoint and who had forced us to play awesome long coop and cti nights ...
In the last resort the director of this Czech company which is producing ARMA II presented me face-to-face this new game and I was even able to ask him some of the question others really would like to ask him.
Everything ahead, ARMA II is definitely game 2. Marek showed me the autumn like island which is the fictive country „Chernarus“ in the
year 2009.
Unlike Sahrani the developers went away from the desert and tropical style of this island, its land mass is 5 times bigger than Sahrani. In my opinion this game is more similar to Operation Flashpoint than ARMA.
Marek said: "This is not a place to go on holiday, its a place for war".
And he is right, no soldier is able to relax on a sunny beach.

The new vegetation shows us, like in the screenshot from a few days ago, a big variety. Now the trees in the wooden areas are not only green all over, they have all the colors, molds and sizes which can be found in the nature and this is possible thanks to a new developed technology. Not every tree is now growing up straight into the sky, peculiar they look like they seek their own way up. To build realistic wooden areas and other vegetation, the publishers took real part of the Czech republic. Maybe their skiing areas are getting more and more loved after that?
As an admin you know how things go on at BIS, I asked if their small hut on top of a hill is inside the game too. Marek wasn't betraying to much, but he admits the first Bohemia Interaction studio where they made OFP is later used as the headquarter for special operations in the game.
Since Codemasters on the 22 of August, after the release of BIS next generation titel, stroke back and released a teaser where you can see hand signals of soldiers I asked BIS if they are going to implement it in ARMA II as well. Full of hope I was looking at Marek and he explained me that it is planed that commands like "Stop", "Disperse" and "go" are inside.
There should be better animated faces too so you can see in what kind of caprice the soldier is.

As we entered the forest he showed me how big the visibility of ARMA II is in free camera mode. In opposite to Operation Flashpoint the forest is not ending after 1 km, it is going on to the edge of the horizon and the horizon itself is partial bordered by mountains so you can see 4 km. But it is an awesome view, if you are standing on a hill top and all the hills around are full with small trees. They are like in ARMA all destructible too.
To not talk to much about the landscape, we went out on the hunt for some rabbits, but they left scared. We managed to get on from behind and it was not sinking into the ground like the ARMA birds do.
We realized the better HDRR while looking around, no more annoying flickering.

Away from the countryside we went in the very detailed cities and villages sometimes rudimentary.
In a test mission I realized really quick that you should use soldiers with apcs, like the bmp-3 very specific. But it is worth dying if you are watching the high detailed houses which are looking very sharp even at short distance unnoted of the fighting around you.
Furthermore there is a great cue of different house molds and types, which will make the "everything is looking the same way" - effect from Parasio to disappear.
In the background, far away from the frontline I was able to see harbor buildings and kranes, which are hopefully functional. In general, I can say the models in ARMA II made a big step forward and more detailed and even normal maps are very detailed too.
The often requested tracers from the military simulation VBS 2 are also now inside ARMA II.
The dynamic campagne, which was announced years ago is now going to be realized. Marek said, "it is something like a big operation and it depends on all the small missions". So it is possible to speak to civilians in villages and get information about enemy convoys and positions.
They who are not friendly to the civilians have a hard time to get usefull information from them.

With this information and many moving pictures from game 2, we left the stand and walked on.
Later we went back again and watched a performance of the in September to be released ARMA addon: Queen’s Gambit.
"Untouched" by the masses of Convention babes and Tony Hawk, which was only 2m away from me we walked back, again to IDEA-games.
Like seen in some screenshots,there are some new units, whereas new vehicles and the cool looking "Mercenaries". They are really looking good and the commander is wearing sunglasses.
But there also are new vehicles like the DC-3, which is a bigger transport plane and is waiting for duty.

There will be two campaigns, one - "Rahmadi conflict" - with the Armed Assault flair, were you are a US soldier going to hunt the dictator of the former neighboring country "democratic republic of Sahrani" and beat him back over Rahmadi to Porto island. We were able to have a look at the the last mission, and I must say the island is not really very big. Instead of this there is alot of atmosphere in the game because there are new gimmicks in the editor which give the player the chance to get dope into the battle feelings: real authentic ambient fire and flying paper frazzles can cause some kind of a cowboy feeling ...
The second campaign "royal flush" is playing in the united Sahrani. Asking what is the difference to the "regular" Island Sahrani the environment designer Ing. Ivan Buchta showed me the places of the former pow camps in the north, which are now gravel plants. I am not able to say if there are more changes. The "Mercs" are old approved mercenaries, which are now ordered by the new Queen to end the problems and riots in the north[...]

By the "old changing" (?) of the AI-buddies it is now possible to position them very accurate. Mr Buchta showed us how he sent two soldiers to the end of a wall and both covered him.

There also was a small story from the former community-manager Placebo, but we do not want to give away to much.

We could get our hands on a press kit from codemasters, in which is no more information/pictures or trailers than we already saw also Marek Spanel gave us a press kit from IDEA-games with exiting information about fish fillets 2 and some artworks which we do share with you fore sure. While talking about it, there was another surprise.
We got some posters of ARMA 2 (41,5 x 57,5 cm) and ARMA: Queen’s Gambit (42x64cm) ready to draw.

Yours Moses and telejunky

Download the Arma II presskit from here (23Mb).
Download the Queens Gambit presskit from here (15Mb).

Moses and telejunky for writing the original article. for releasing the article to the public and allowing us to translate it.

_BARNS_ for translating the article into English.

BIS and IDEA for giving the community the chance to see and hear about Arma II and Arma: Queens Gambit.

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