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Saul released an update for his PSD Arma 3 Character Templates on the BI forums.

This is not an addon you can download and use! This package is meant for those of you who want to create their own retextured units. If you have no intention to make such do not download.
The package we host contains both the NATO Soldiers PSD templates as well as the Independent Army PSD templates.

    Quote Saul :
    I saw what Topas has done with his templete and wanted to follow the example and create NATO and eventually OPFOR and Independant base templates for all the textures available in the Alpha thus far. Each template consists of the base original diffuse (color or .co) texture and normal maps (.nohq) as well as a height map, ambient occlusion, and cavity map. All the things any texture artist will need to create a new reskin of any existing Arma 3 character. Really all you will need to do is add your own camo, some base color, throw in some dirt and your good to go.

Written on 2013-09-01 17:12 by Armaholic  

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