NATO forces Multicam Reskin by Saul
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Saul released his NATO forces Multicam Reskin on the BI forums.
Please note this pack wants you to replace the official files which is never adviced to do! Install at your own risk!

    Quote Saul :
    Here is my iteration of multicam for the NATO characters for Arma3. The big emphasis for me was to darken the uniforms and replace much of the sage/ ranger green pouches and gear with multicam as well. The default uniforms annoy the dickens out of me as they are very bright and do not blend into the surrounding natural environments. Special thanks go to Alex Vestin for his amazing multicam texture (Linky). I used his multicam with some tweaks, replaced much of the color information, darkened everything up, and also added in details to parts like the helmet camera and MS2000 for examples.

    Pack contains just the NATO character_f.pbo and a readme for instructions on how to replace the original texture.

Written on 2013-03-15 07:28 by Armaholic  

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