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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis, Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.02

Date: 2013-09-27 07:24

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In this game mode both teams fight to capture and hold a traditional zone. However, there are quite a few rules that take it to the next level.

Squad-based play:
Special weapon loadouts, vehicle locking, and some of the logistics are only available to players in a large enough squad. Most vehicles cannot be taken away from main base alone. These, combined with the fact any squad leader can kick offenders off of his squad and lock it to prevent unwanted members from joining, make it much more difficult for the lone wolves to interrupt the tactical play of those who are trying to help their team to win by working together.

Scaling by Player Count:
Score granted for holding the capture area and maximum score required to win scale with number of players so that the round duration will be approximately similar regardless of how many are playing (while the max score per player can be adjusted by the admin).

Availability of weapon loadouts and vehicles as well as the minimum number of squad members required to unlock certain features scale in order to have all (or at least most) roles (both infantry-based and vehicle-based) are utilized.

Starting positions and available equipment (as well as the player-count requirements to unlock certain equipment) were made as balanced as ArmA 3 Beta and Stratis allow.

Score is balanced between kills, vehicles abandoned or destroyed, and holding the actual zone, in order to encourage players to take a balanced approach when it comes to rushing into the capture zone as opposed to trying to stay alive. Playing too aggressively will increase the enemy score due to casualties, while playing too passively will increase the enemy score due to them holding the capture zone. Score granted for vehicles scales based on the type of vehicle destroyed, and abandoned vehicles grant the enemy only 70% of their score value (rounded down), and only when they actually respawn.

Equipment is limited, within reason, in order to make the mission feel like a real military engagement, while at the same time making sure you always have at least some sort of a choice when it comes to the equipment you use.

Respawn happens in waves, so that all dead players come back at the same time and can therefore work together more easily to get back to the fight together. Wave intervals are somewhat random, so that you never know exactly when the next respawn wave will happen.

Once alive, you can either deployed to any MHQ that isn't blocked due to combat taking place in its vicinity, or make your way there using any of the vehicles in your base. Remember: You cannot take a vehicle from main base by yourself. Work with your teammates if you want to use vehicles together.

More details and exact rules are available on the in-game briefing.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

More details are available on the in-game briefing.
This mission was previously named Capture and Hold Enhanced, it has been reworked and released

- Zone will now move away from the spawn of the team who is in control of the zone. Movement is slower the further away the zone is from the base of the team who currently controls the zone.
- Dead bodies will now be cleaned up 60-120 seconds after death, and also clean up any nearby dropped equipment.
- Teamkills and suicides no longer block nearby MHQs.
- Helicopter vehicle locking after the helicopter engine has been turned on now works correctly.
- Vehicle lock action will no longer pop up in the center of the screen when it becomes available.
- Mod check script was buggy and therefore disabled until a better version (similar to the one in DTAS which checks for IDF mod) will be added after ACE and/or ACRE support is added (although ACRE support is not yet planned for this mission as it doesn't really fit in a respawn-based mission).
- Added a warning that will show if the server FPS drops under 20.
- Added a warning that will show if the server is running difficulty settings unsuitable for PvP or for hardcore realism.

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