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Ohally released an updated version for the Canadian Armed Forces on the BI forums.

    Quote Ohally :
    The Canadian Armed Forces Modification for ARMA 3 aims to bring he most accurate and complete portrayal of the Canadian Military into ARMA 3. The team is made up primarily of former ONS developers, we are working hard to bring you a strong, rounded and quality CAF expirence in ARMA 3.

    • Fixed all known 1.5 errors
    • Fixed M72 and M2 84mm Rockets
    • Fixed CH-147F seating (no longer fills right side first.)
    • Added new 3 X Scope (from A2OA Samples)
    • Added Leopard C2 (circa 2035) Lennards Reskin
    • Added proper helmets on all door gunners (randomized)
    • Tweaked all small arms dispersion and rates of fire
    • Tweaked Randomization scripts to skip player controlled units

Written on 2014-01-22 08:10 by Ohally  

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