Author: SicSemperTyrannis
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Version: 1.0

Short description: File based database for storing data on the server

Date: 2013-03-16 18:26

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iniDB [ ALPHA] - A simple server-side database extension using INI files


This is an extension which allows you to save data persistently to INI files, removing the need for an SQL database or any other strange hack you might be used to.

  • Save data to ini files
  • Load data from ini files
  • MD5, CRC and Base64 implementations

To use "iniDB" in your mission, install the extension in your ARMA2 or ARMA3 directory by copying the entire "@inidb" folder included in the download to your root directory.
Don't forget to copy over over or create the /db/ folder.
It should look like: /Arma 3/@inidb/iniDB.dll
It should look like: /Arma 3/@inidb/db/
It should look like: /Arma 3/@inidb/Addons/iniDB.pbo

Then in your mission init.sqf, somewhere before you want to use the functions do this:
call compile preProcessFile "\iniDB\init.sqf";
It should be noted that when you install the @inidb folder you can delete the /examples/ directory from there if you please, they serve no purpose in that folder.

Included files:

For detailed usage instructions please read the included documentation!

How to save data on your server demo:
Loki made a demo mission how to use iniDB.
This demo saves all gear (weapons and ammo and stuff) and the last saved position for a test. There are a few other variables which are being saved just to show what 'could be' saved in a mission or for server admins. It could be optimized more but it is a demo after all.
Download the demo mission from here.
Forum thread on the BI forums.

Change log:
- Initial Release
- Initial Release

Forums Topic:
- bistudio thread

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