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Island(s): Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.2

Date: 2013-03-30 13:57

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Incoming Mission


Based off of the ArmA 2 version. Some features are turned off due to limited content, others are more improved.

This is the latest in my progression for completely dynamic missions. The objective location, start location and type of objectives are random every time you play. Some of the objectives that might come up are; Rescue, gather intel, or assassination. Enemy locations and patrols are in a random place or pattern. Weapons box at base will have a large selection of weapons to suite any mission or persons needs.

  • Revive
  • Vehicle Respawn
  • Air Support
  • Custom Ammobox
  • Save/Equip Loadout option
  • Completely Random missions and locations - Missions may be something like destroying helicopters, assassinating an officer, rescuing helicopter pilot, destroying a Com Tower, locating crash site.
  • Most objectives will be in a central mission area. Possible to have 1 outside
  • View distance change option via 0-8-1 Comm Menu

  • Installation:
    Move the file incoming_mission_co12_v1.Stratis.pbo into the following (default) directory:
    \Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions

    Collection of Missions I have in work. They should be playable and very fun. Will have occasional bugs and such, mostly due to Alpha state. These missions will change often and I will post date of change when I update them. They are designed to be played on a dedicated server for best performance. Thanks.

  • Fixed POW revive action not showing
  • Updated gear listing in ammo crate, added optional parameter for NV/Thermal Optics
  • Adjusted repair script
  • Added vehicle tracking markers
  • Adjusted save /equip loadout - pistol mags are no longer lost each time
  • Added random civilian boats around island
  • Added Parameter to choose how many objectives to have
  • Other script tweaks

  • v1.1
  • Improved scripts such as JIP capability
  • random units will patrol buildings
  • new objective
  • classname changes in patch 0.52 and others
  • Updated revive system from BTC to v0.7rc2

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    - BI forums

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