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Short description: A tool to manage your Arma 2 server.

Date: 2015-12-29 09:04

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EPM RCon Tool

Uncle Dave

A tool to manage your Arma 2 server.

- Resizeable and easy to use Chat/Log Box with 3 tabs (All, Chat, and Log) and a search function.
- Resizeable and sortable table of players.
- Send global message.
- Send private message to player.
- Ban player with variable length. (Works even if they disconnect while you're typing your reason)
- Kick player.
- Custom Ban Message
- Admin Names in chat
- Scroll throught previously sent messages
- Add ban.
- Reload bans.
- Table of bans.
- Remove ban.
- Favourites.
- DNS Support.
- Shutdown.
- Restart.
- Reload Scripts & Events.
- Log saving.
- Toggle-able timestamps.
- Lock & Unlock.
- Get and set Max Ping.
- Global database of players.
- Local database of players.
- Auto log saving.
- AutoUpdate! Note: Versions below will not update above.

Known issues:
Due to a bug in the BattlEye API your server may crash if you request a ban list that contains more than 3000 bans.

Please post your bug reports/comments/discussions/feature requests on the forum.

Future plans:
- Optional database connection for private hive servers.

Credits & Thanks:
- Marcel de Vries, author of the BattleNET library.

-Fixed an issue with connecting to the server via command Line
-Ability to add your admin name via command Line
-Fixed an issue that was causing notifications to ignore the timeout
-Fixed the banlist not showing! (Should never be an issue again)

-Removed more old code
-Rcon is correctly detecting disconnects / lost connections
-Updating UI correctly on disconnects
-Fixed a threading issue causing playerlist updates to fail.
-100% cpu usage should be fixed once again.

- Removed more old code
- Moved code over to make use of the new .net 4.5 async features
- Fixed the banlist not showing
- Fixed the playerlist not refreshing correctly.
- Auto Updater checks ever 1 hour rather than ever 15 seconds.

- Fixed Global DB loading issue.
- Fixed Private DB .
- Cleaned up Database Code.
- Removed BattleNet dll.
- Cleaned up more code.
- Fixed an issue that caused the rcon to crash on close.
- Removed old player location code.
- Added error logging
- Cleaned up the updater.exe

- General Code Cleanup.
- Added the ability to reload scripts and events at the same time with a single button press.
- Added the ability to clone existing favourites.
- Changed some DNS settings for the global DB and our auto updater.
- Fixed a bug with the Notifications being triggered by admin messages.
- Added the ability to scroll through previously sent chat messages.
- Added country locations of players in the players table.
- Fixed a bug that caused the rcon to run with a 100% CPU Usage.

- General stability of the rcon has been improved. Made massive changes to the Bnet Lib to make it more stable.
- Added a donation button
- Added Admin names to messages.
- Fixed some of the BattlEye commands
- Fixed an issue with settings.xml
- Fixed an issue with TS3 Messages

- General stability of the rcon has been improved. You will no long see random "Connection Lost" messages.
- Added a player note system to the private database
- Changed the way the "Test Connection" works for the TS3 Connection

- Added a Private database of players.
- Added support for notifications with configurable words and cooldown.
- Ability to launch and connect to your server via command line. Switches are -ip=address -password=password -port=port.
- Removed disconnect / connection lost messages from the chat tab.
- Added admin tab to show ips and ports of all connected admins.
- Added Missions tab.
- Ability to load missions from the missions tab.
- Added comment system to local database.
- Added the ability to minimize the rcon to the notification tray.
- Added option to play a sound, flash the window and a TS3 notification when someone uses the !admin or any configured word.
- Added the ability to set custom ban messages.
- Added the ability to connect to a Ts3 server.
- Added the ability to issue ingame commands using the prefix # before your command. Example #missions to select a mission.
- Added the ability to send BE Commands using the prefix ! before your command. Example !say test will send the message test.

- migration of the Global Database and AutoUpdate server to a better datacentre

Beta 0.9
- Changed line breaks to play nice with Windows Notepad.
- Added a global database of players.
- Added a local database of players.
- Added AutoUpdate.
- Added more options.
- Added auto log saving.
- Upgraded settings to version 1.1, more user preferences are now remembered.

Beta 0.8.1
- Fixed mouseover scrolling.
- Fixed an unhandled exception when searching for a ban before loading the list.
- Added a confirmation when shutting down the server.
- Added a confirmation when restarting the server.
- Added the ability to (Re)load createvehicle.txt, remoteexec.txt and publicvariable.txt.
- Added the ability to set maxping.
- Maxping is now shown on the status strip.
- Added the ability to save current log while not connected to a server.
- Added the ability to toggle the automatic deletion of expired temp bans.
- Fixed some bugs and unhandled exceptions in the Edit Favourites window.
- Fixed tab orders.
- The Add Ban window no longer prevents the user from interacting with anything else.

Beta 0.8
- Fixed ban list being populated with players.
- Player list now refreshes every 10 seconds (up from 5). This will be configurable in the future.
- Tweaked auto-scroll behaviour.
- Fixed player count not updating after the last player leaves. (For real this time.)
- Added toggle-able timestamps.
- Added the ability to save current log to file.
- Fixed a crash when connected to a high pop server. (50+)
- Added Lock & Unlock.

Beta 0.7.1
- Fixed player count not updating after the last player leaves.
- Fixed an issue caused by the player list triggering a ban list update.
- Fixed an issue when attempting to copy a blank GUID.
- Fixed GUIDs sometimes not being recognised.
- Mouseover scrolling now plays nice when you have text selected in All/Chat/Log.
- Added Reload Scripts.
- Added Shutdown.
- Added Restart. (Seems a tad unreliable.)

Beta 0.7
- Added table of bans, search, and the ability to remove bans.
- The player table no longer clears if the server sends a bad player list.

Beta 0.6 - First public release
- Added hotkeys to "Connect to..." and "Disconnect"
- Fixed player list not clearing after the last player leaves
- Enabled maximize button
- Cleaned up disconnection handling a bit more - stay tuned for further improvements
- Dialog windows no longer show in the taskbar
- More mouseover improvements

Forum topic:
- forums
- BI forums (Arma 2)

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4

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